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HIS - History Courses
HIS-100: Perspectives in History
HIS-109: Western Civilization to 1500
HIS-110: Western Civilization since 1500
HIS-113: United States History I: 1607-1865
HIS-114: United States History II: 1865-Present
HIS-117: World Civilizations, Prehistory to 1500
HIS-118: World Civilizations, 1500 to Present
HIS-200: Applied History and Civics
HIS-220: Modern European History: 1890-Present
HIS-222: War and Society, Antiquity to 1800
HIS-223: Modern War & Society
HIS-235: Modern Russia
HIS-238: Modern Germany, 1871-Present
HIS-240: World War I
HIS-241: World War II
HIS-242: The Cold War
HIS-245: United States History since 1945
HIS-249: The Common Good
HIS-260: Modern China
HIS-264: Modern Japan
HIS-270: American Environmental History
HIS-2ST2: The Civil Rights Movement
HIS-301: World History and Culture
HIS-309: Dictators in the Modern Era
HIS-311: Women, Sexuality, and Islam
HIS-314: European Conquest of New World
HIS-319: African-American History since the Civil War
HIS-321: The Ancient World of Greece and Rome
HIS-330: Civil War and Reconstruction
HIS-332: Colonial New England
HIS-338: Young America
HIS-340: Making History
HIS-357: American Slavery
HIS-371: History of the Middle East I
HIS-372: History of the Middle East II
HIS-373: Arab-Israeli Conflict
HIS-374: The Renaissance and the Reformation
HIS-460: History Research Seminar
HIS-480: Independent Study
HIS-490: History Internship
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