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IT - Information Technology Courses
IT-500: Information Technology
IT-503: Digital Commerce and eBusiness
IT-505: Core Technologies
IT-510: Advanced Information Technology
IT-511: Object Oriented Application Development
IT-515: Innovations in Information Technology
IT-518: Game Design and Development
IT-520: Technical Communication
IT-548: Information Security
IT-549: Foundation in Information Assurance
IT-550: Management of Information Technology
IT-552: Human Factors in Security
IT-560: Database Application for Data Analysis
IT-600: Operating Systems
IT-610: Object-Oriented Systems Analysis
IT-620: Object-Oriented Systems Design
IT-625: Information Technology Project and Team Management
IT-630: Computer Simulation and Modeling
IT-632: Software Design and Modeling
IT-633: Mobile Application Development
IT-634: Distributed Application Development
IT-640: Telecommunications and Networking
IT-641: Telecommunications for Business
IT-642: Information Security Management
IT-643: Network Assessment and Defense
IT-647: Web Site Construction and Management
IT-648: Website Optimization
IT-649: Interface Design for Websites
IT-650: Principles of Database Design
IT-655: Database Application Development
IT-657: Enterprise Resource Planning
IT-659: Cyberlaw and Ethics
IT-660: Artificial Intelligence
IT-665: Client/Server Systems
IT-675: Data Warehouse Concepts and Design
IT-700: Capstone in Information Technology
IT-710: Information Technology Internship
IT-798: Independent Study
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