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IT - Information Technology Courses
IT-100: Introduction to Information Technology
IT-135: Interactive 3-D Virtual Environments
IT-145: Intro to Software Development
IT-201: Computer Platform Technologies
IT-204: Intro to Data and Information Management
IT-205: Digital Music
IT-207: Information Technology and Digital Games
IT-209: Introduction to Robotics
IT-210: Business Systems Analysis and Design
IT-211: Interactive Animation
IT-215: Introduction to SAS
IT-220: Introduction to SQL
IT-225: Software Development with Visual Basic.NET
IT-230: Software Development with C#.NET
IT-232: Software Development w/C++.NET
IT-242: Intro to Geographic Information Systems
IT-251: Intro to UNIX/LINUX Operating System
IT-270: Web Site Design
IT-303: Design of Virtual Game Environments
IT-305: Digital Game Development
IT-315: Object Oriented Analysis and Design
IT-330: Database Design and Management
IT-340: Network and Telecommunication Management
IT-370: Web Server Design
IT-375: Digital Graphics Design
IT-380: Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
IT-390: Mobile Apps Design and Development
IT-415: Advanced Information Systems Design
IT-420: Advanced Information Systems Implementation
IT-430: 3-D Modeling and Animation
IT-431: Software Development in Distributed Systems
IT-450: Artificial Intelligence
IT-465: Digital Multimedia Development
IT-467: Digital Commerce and eBusiness
IT-475: Current Trends in Information Technolog
IT-480: Independent Study
IT-485: Information Technology Strategy and Management
IT-490: Information Technology Internship
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