Courses Offered

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MKT - Marketing Courses
MKT-500: Marketing Strategies
MKT-555: Social Media
MKT-605: Integrated Marketing Communications
MKT-609: Advertising and Public Relations
MKT-610: Promotions Management
MKT-615: Relationship Selling Strategies
MKT-618: Marketing Analytics
MKT-620: Consumer Behavior
MKT-625: Strategic Internet Marketing
MKT-630: Market Research
MKT-635: Websites and Search Engine Marketing/ Search Engine Optimization
MKT-640: Business to Business Marketing
MKT-645: Online Marketing Channels
MKT-650: Retailing
MKT-655: Social Media Marketing Strategy
MKT-660: Marketing Strategies for Not-For-Profit Organizations
MKT-666: Social Media Marketing Campaigns
MKT-668: Services Marketing
MKT-670: Product Management
MKT-675: Ethical and Legal Issues in Marketing
MKT-678: Brand Management
MKT-679: Advanced Marketing Research and Analytics
MKT-690: Corporate Communications
MKT-700: Marketing Capstone
MKT-710: Marketing Internship
MKT-798: Independent Study
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