Courses Offered

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MKT - Marketing Courses
MKT-105: Foundations of Marketing
MKT-113: Introduction to Marketing
MKT-212: Marketing Foundations Experience
MKT-222: Principles of Retailing
MKT-228: Technology in Fashion and Retailing
MKT-229: Principles of Integrated Marketing Communications
MKT-230: Retail Sales Promotion
MKT-231: Visual Merchandising
MKT-265: Social Media & Marketing Communications
MKT-266: Services Marketing
MKT-270: Professional Selling
MKT-300: Advanced Professional Selling
MKT-312: Consumer Research Experience
MKT-320: Sales Force Management
MKT-322: International Retailing
MKT-326: Global Consumer Culture
MKT-331: Business to Business Marketing
MKT-337: Marketing Research
MKT-345: Consumer Behavior
MKT-350: Ethical Issues in Marketing
MKT-355: Social Media Marketing Strategy
MKT-360: Direct Marketing
MKT-378: Brand Communications
MKT-432: Strategic Marketing Planning
MKT-433: Multinational Marketing
MKT-442: Retail Management
MKT-455: Social Media Marketing Campaigns
MKT-469: Emerging Trends in Retailing
MKT-480: Independent Study
MKT-490: Marketing Internship
MKT-491: Retailing Internship
MKT-499: Marketing Simulation
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