Courses Offered

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OL - Organizational Leadership Courses
OL-500: Human Behavior in Organizations
OL-501: Business Foundations
OL-600: Strategic Human Resource Management
OL-610: Employee and Labor Relations
OL-620: Total Rewards
OL-630: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
OL-635: Consulting
OL-640: Franchising
OL-645: Law, Ethics, and Politics in Human Relations
OL-655: Talent Development and Workforce Planning
OL-660: Redesigning Middle Management
OL-663: Leading Change
OL-665: Leading/Managing Not-For-Profit Orgs
OL-667: Human Resource Information Systems
OL-668: Human Resources in Global Contexts
OL-670: Organizational Leadership
OL-675: Leadership and Ethics
OL-676: Women in Leadership
OL-690: Responsible Corporate Leadership
OL-750: Contemporary Issues in Organizational Leadership
OL-751: Human Resource Management Capstone
OL-798: Independent Study
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