Courses Offered

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POL - Political Science Courses
POL-210: American Politics
POL-211: International Relations
POL-305: State and Local Government
POL-306: The American Legal Tradition
POL-309: American State and Local Government
POL-313: Political Theory and Applications
POL-314: Political Theory
POL-316: Legal Reasoning and the Constitution
POL-317: Campaigns and Elections
POL-319: US Environmental Law and Politics
POL-324: Congress and the Legislative Process
POL-326: World Legal Traditions
POL-327: US Government and Contemporary Issues
POL-328: The Legal System in America
POL-329: Int'l Environmental Law and Negotiation
POL-336: Advocacy and the Law
POL-349: Comparative Environmental Law and Sustainable Development
POL-360: Introduction to Comparative Politics
POL-362: The American Presidency
POL-364: Globalization and World Politics
POL-370: Analysis and Research in Political Science
POL-371: Political Parties and Interest Groups
POL-372: Campaign Finance and Fundraising
POL-374: Campaign Organizing and Mobilization
POL-410A: Semester in Washington, D.C.: Politics Field Experience
POL-410B: Seminar in Washington, D.C.: Politics Seminar
POL-413A: Semester in Washington, D.C.: Pre-Law Field Experience
POL-413B: Semester in Washington, D.C.: Pre-Law Seminar
POL-480: Independent Study
POL-490: Political Science Internship
POL-491: Political Science Capstone Experience
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