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PSY - Psychology Courses
PSY-108: Introduction to Psychology
PSY-108H: Honors Introduction to Psychology
PSY-200: Foundations of Addictions
PSY-201: Educational Psychology
PSY-205: Forensic Psychology
PSY-211: Lifespan Development
PSY-215: Abnormal Psychology
PSY-216: Psychology of Personality
PSY-223: Research I: Statistics for Psychology
PSY-224: Research II: Scientific Investigations
PSY-225: Health Psychology
PSY-226: Sport Psychology
PSY-230: Psychology of Individual Differences and Special Needs
PSY-257: Social Psychology
PSY-258: Industrial Organizational Psychology
PSY-291: Experiential Learning
PSY-2ST2: Animal Assisted Therapy
PSY-2ST3: Understanding Life's Losses: Relationships, Dreams, Aging, and Death
PSY-300: Biopsychology
PSY-305: Cognitive Psychology
PSY-307: Sensation and Perception
PSY-310: Criminal Psychology
PSY-314: Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence
PSY-315: Counseling Process and Techniques
PSY-317: Reading and Research in Psychology
PSY-319: Social Development: Child and Adolescent
PSY-321: Issues in Childhood Development
PSY-322: Issues in Adolescent Development
PSY-323: Psychology of Gender
PSY-324: Cross-Cultural Psychology
PSY-325: Advanced Research Methods
PSY-326: Social Cognition and Perception
PSY-327: Social Influence
PSY-331: Human Sexuality
PSY-335: Assessment and Testing
PSY-405: Contemporary Issues in Social Psychology
PSY-406: Contemporary Issues in Addictions
PSY-407: Contemporary Issues in Applied Psychology
PSY-442: Community Psychology
PSY-443: Psychology Internship
PSY-444: Senior Seminar in Psychology
PSY-480: Independent Study
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