Courses Offered

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SOC - Sociology Courses
SOC-112: Introduction to Sociology
SOC-112H: Honors Introduction to Sociology
SOC-203: Wealth and Poverty
SOC-213: Sociology of Social Problems
SOC-235: Public Health
SOC-250: Sociological Analysis of Current Media
SOC-291: Experiential Learning
SOC-2ST3: Immigrant Integration in America
SOC-317: Sociology of the Family
SOC-318: Sustainable Communities
SOC-320: Sociology of Gender
SOC-320H: Honors Sociology of Gender
SOC-324: Sociology of Crime and Violence
SOC-325: Sociological Perspectives
SOC-326: Sociology of Deviant Behavior
SOC-328: Sociology of Aging
SOC-330: Sociology of Minority Relations
SOC-333: Sport and Society
SOC-335: Technology and Society
SOC-373: Regional Sustainability Field Study
SOC-480: Independent Study
SOC-490: Community Sociology Internship
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