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SPED - Special Education Courses
SPED-501: Students with Exceptionalities
SPED-501C: Students with Exceptionalities
SPED-501NC: Students with Exceptionalities
SPED-520: Assessment of Student Performance
SPED-521: Effective Learning Environments
SPED-525: Critical Issues/Students with Disabilities
SPED-525C: Critical Issues/Students w/Disabilities
SPED-525NC: Critical Issues/Students w/Disabilities
SPED-526: Multisensory Literacy Strategies
SPED-526C: Multisensory Literacy Strategies
SPED-526NC: Multisensory Literacy Strategies
SPED-540: Classroom and Behavior Management
SPED-540C: Classroom and Behavior Management
SPED-540NC: Classroom and Behavior Management
SPED-561: Consultation and Collaboration
SPED-580: Special Education Assessment
SPED-580C: Special Education Assessment
SPED-580NC: Special Education Assessment
SPED-601: Content-Based Literacy
SPED-610: Executive Function and Study Skills
SPED-624: Professional Collaboration
SPED-624C: Professional Collaboration
SPED-624NC: Professional Collaboration
SPED-630: Expressive Language-Skills and Writing
SPED-635: Reading Interventions for Students with LBLD
SPED-640: Language-Based Learning Environments
SPED-650: Social-Emotional Competencies and Students with LBLD
SPED-680: IEP Development
SPED-680C: IEP Development
SPED-680NC: IEP Development
SPED-701: Internship Grades K-6
SPED-702: Internship Grades 7-12
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