Courses Offered

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SPT - Sport Management Courses
SPT-501: Research Methods in Sport Management
SPT-510: Sport and Society
SPT-512: Principles in Athletic Administration
SPT-515: Event Planning and Management
SPT-525: Sport Licensing and Strategic Alliances
SPT-525L: Sport Business Incubator Lab
SPT-565: Internationalization of Sport Business
SPT-600: Management of Sport Organizations
SPT-601: Sport Facility Management and Operations
SPT-605: Sport Business Cases
SPT-608: Sport Marketing and Media
SPT-608L: Sport Agency Lab 1
SPT-610: Sport Law
SPT-612: Advanced Topics/Athletic Administration
SPT-615: Special Event Management and Leadership
SPT-620: Finance and Economics of Sport
SPT-622: Sport Business Analytics
SPT-622L: Sport Agency Lab 2
SPT-700: Seminar in Sport Management
SPT-702: Sport Business Development
SPT-710: Internship
SPT-798: Independent Study
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