High School Student (or Parent)

You're not just going to college. You're choosing a path that will change your life. We get that, and we’ll give you every opportunity to succeed with over 100 undergraduate programs to choose from.

Adult Learning (Continuing Education)

You want a degree. You have a life. We'll help you succeed at both. We start by making education accessible and affordable, and then we give you something even more fundamental: support.


Transfer Student


You want the credit you deserve. We don't think that’s asking for too much. Transferring schools should be as easy as possible. So we'll accept up to 90 credits on your pick of over 100 undergraduate programs.

Military Student


You serve your country. We serve you. It's as simple as that. Whatever military life brings, we're there for you with flexible programs, tuition support and a small army of academic advisors totally dedicated to# your needs.

International Student


We get where you're coming from and where you want to go - and we want to help you get there. Online or on campus, you'll find over 100 programs to choose from and students from all over the world to collaborate with.