MFA Creative Writing Community

From a passionate, bright writer freshly graduated from college, to an Air Force captain on assignment overseas; from a retired nature conservationist in her seventies, to an oil rig worker in the Gulf, to an inner-city school teacher. Screen writers, novice writers, seasoned published writers - our students join us from all parts of the country, and world, immersing themselves in the truly magical experience of this program, and pursuing their lifetime dreams.

"The strongest sense of community I have ever known." - Jerri Clayton '12

"As writers, we spend countless hours in front of our computers, speaking to the voices in our heads. We have in-depth conversations, arguments, and relationships with characters that breathe only on the page. By nature, writing is a solitary pursuit. But it doesn't have to be. Twice a year, the SNHU MFA community—a smattering of talented individuals from all over the world—comes together to celebrate this compulsion we all share, this passion for writing that runs so deeply under our skins that, ironically, to put it into words would diminish its power. But the community does not exist solely within this biannual bubble.

"We are unified in our need, a need almost as strong as an addiction, to write. We may work in different fields, attend different churches (or no church at all), vote Republican or Democrat or something in between or outside the fringe. But our common understanding of the writer's plight creates a web of support and respect and friendship that will last forever. When one of us publishes a story, finds an agent, sells a book, it feels like a success for us all. This network of friends and like-minded individuals extends beyond the residencies, beyond graduation, beyond publication. The moment you join the SNHU MFA family, you become a member for life."  Jason Korolenko, Graduate Assistant '12

MFA Creative Writing Program Community Highlights

  • Dynamic Facebook and Twitter communities
  • Cross-blog interviews and guest posts
  • AWP reunions
  • Deadline socials
  • End-of-residency one-liners
  • Student open mics
  • Midnight ice-skating
  • Late night guitar jams
  • Laptops and coffee on the porch
  • Post-graduation dances
Contact Us

Administrative Director: Lisa Janicki


Phone: 603.626.9100 x 2540