MFA Students Say

"The strongest sense of community I have ever known." – Jerri Clayton

"I'm a life-long writer, but this program compelled me to make my writing a priority, and gave me a renewed sense of purpose." – Ken Butler

"The SNHU MFA program introduced me to new worlds – lyrical, transporting, living worlds of words and visions. It was in this community of writers, mentors, and friends that I really learned to think, see, imagine, listen, dream, and of course write." – Emma LeBlanc

"Go Write Your Book. The faculty and the entire program are driven by a desire to see you get your book written. To hear your unique voice expressed in the clearest and most effective way possible." – Jacob Lucas

"This program has re-awakened the lovely, creative beast in my brain I feared I had lost. I haven't been this alive in years. Thank you SNHU." – Daniel Mitchell

"A writer's life is never solitary, as much as it may seem to outsiders. Writers need a special kind of community, a special kind of family both caring and constructive. For me, SNHU is that family." – Jason Korolenko

"Through the MFA program you will find not just your writing voice, but yourself." – Heidi Cruz

"Southern New Hampshire University demanded everything I have, and gave me everything it has with practicality, class, and grace." – Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of 19 acclaimed books, including Oprah pick, Deep End of the Ocean

"The faculty is warm and generous with their time and knowledge, and excited about the projects they oversee. They provide that extra bit of juice that helps keep the words flowing." – Charlie Stella, published author of crime fiction

"You won’t want to leave this program." Sherry Meeks

"I felt welcome at SNHU the moment I first arrived." – Rebel Sowell

"Successful, acclaimed writers read my work and give me advice. What a privilege!" – Suzi Shumaker

"SNHU has changed my life and given me the skills and confidence to write my novel." – Sophia Eastley

"Mentor Merle Drown says: '[For a writer] to be convincing, you need the authority of knowledge.' Director Diane Les Becquets says: 'Ego screams; inspiration whispers.' This program provides the space for inspiration to whisper and the knowledge to be convincing.” – Maevonia Caldwell

"It's an epic experience!" Joelyn Drennan 

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