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Earn a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources - online or on campus - and learn the leadership skills needed to effectively manage a workforce from an organizational perspective and the practical skills to oversee the day-to-day responsibilities of an HR department.  Become a human resources management professional who understands how to provide the strategic counsel and practical support to employees and management that helps drive high-performing organizations. Your human resources management certificate course work builds your knowledge of human resources strategy, labor relations, compensation and benefits, and human resources ethics. Those who complete our Graduate Certificate in Human Resources online program have high success rates: 95 percent pass the PHR test (59 percent pass nationally) and 88 percent pass the SPHR test (54 percent pass nationally).

Enhance Your Skills with a Human Resources Management Certificate

Whether you complete course work online or on campus, your human resources management certificate classes will expand your understanding of how motivation, communication, and leadership can help improve performance and organizational efficiencies. See the key role of human resources management in recruiting, hiring, training, and career development of employees to affect organizational change. Become familiar with current topics in compensation, benefits, collective bargaining, and labor relations - and specific applications in the workplace. Learn how to create an environment that cultivates employee and organizational productivity and success.

Career Prospects

Employment opportunities for human resources managers, labor relations managers, and others in the human resources management field are expected to grow by 21 percent in the decade prior to 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment legislation and rising healthcare costs may increase the demand for human resources management professionals who can help organizations meet regulations and contain benefits costs. A contracting economy may decrease demand, yet HR professionals with skills in improving organizational performance and those with an online Graduate Certificate in Human Resources may be best positioned for available job opportunities in the human resources field.

Human Resource Management Required Courses

OL-500: Human Behavior in Organizations
This course is a study of individuals and groups and their interaction. Students examine theories of motivation, communication, leadership, power and change with practical relation to contemporary issues. They also study organizations for key design variables and reward systems aimed at improved performance and organizational efficiency through employee motivational programs, participative management and cooperative decision making.
OL-600: Strategic Human Resource Management
This course emphasizes the strategic role of the human resource manager in performing functions of recruitment, hiring, training, career development and other contemporary processes within the organizational setting. It serves as an introduction to the areas of compensation, collective bargaining, affirmative action and other regulatory procedures and requirements as they relate to contemporary applications in organizations.
OL-663: Leading Change
This course focuses on transforming organizations by introducing Kotter's eight processes by which leaders effect change. Because organizations, leaders, and employees differ, various techniques and strategies are examined. The course integrates Kotter's processes for leading change, organizational development and transformation theory and practice, and analysis of an organization which has effected systematic change. The use of work teams as a key change factor will have special emphasis.

Select Two of the Following:

OL-610: Employee and Labor Relations
This is a study of public and private labor relations and methods of dispute resolution that stresses labor agreement administration, grievance procedures and arbitration. It includes the examination of the history of union-management relations, bargaining and negotiation strategies. The limitations of the use of power also are studied.
OL-500 and OL-600
OL-620: Total Rewards
This course examines the compensation and benefits functions within the organizational structure and ways they impact the management function. Topics include job analysis, surveys, wage scales, incentives, benefits, HRIS systems and pay delivery administration. Students design a compensation and benefits program as a course outcome.
OL-500 or OL-501 and OL-600
OL-665: Leading/Managing Not-For-Profit Orgs
This course is a study of planning, budgeting, control and other management activities in the context of the not-for-profit institution.
OL-675: Leadership and Ethics
Leadership and Ethics is a course that focuses on the ways current and emerging leaders assess the values that influence their actions. The course draws on the rich tradition of great thinkers as well as the extensive body of leadership literature to examine the critical role ethics plays in leadership. The course, conducted in seminar format, is a process course. It is only through thoughtful reading, reflections, writing, and discussion that students are able to recognize and shape the qualities they see valuable for their own leadership roles, both personally and professionally.

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