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Build a Global Career

Gain an understanding of multinational business environments by earning an International Business graduate certificate online. Put this knowledge to work in positions in international trade, management of overseas corporate offices, international marketing, or international project development for multinational corporations. Learn about different monetary, banking, accounting, marketing and management systems, as well as cultural norms. Take on-campus or online courses for this 15-credit graduate certificate. Tailor your course work to your area of interest with three elective international business courses. Our faculty incorporates research and professional experience into the curriculum and maintain connections with multinational business and government organizations.

Develop Multinational Business Skills

The International Business graduate certificate online program helps you develop key skills required for a successful career with multinational corporations. The program can build your knowledge of:

  • the impact of international economic, social, and political relationships on corporations.
  • risk and funding strategies in international monetary relationships.
  • key issues in identifying developing relationships within international markets.
  • international trade, commercial policies, and how to improve international competitiveness.
  • effective negotiation skills for working with people from different cultures and societies.
  • how to formulate an international business strategy.

Expand Your Career Options

The growing importance of global commerce at many companies gives individuals with a multinational business perspective an opportunity to play an increasingly important role. With an International Business Graduate Certificate you might embark on a career in global finance, international trade, international marketing, management of companies overseas, or international project development. Careers with international consulting firms, for example, are expected to grow by 22 percent in the decade preceding 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The International Business graduate certificate can help prepare you for an international relations position in a range of industries that conduct business around the globe.

International Business Required Courses

INT-610: Multinational Corporate Environment
This course is a survey of economic, social and political relationships among and within nations, and their impacts upon corporations that operate in an international context.
INT-700: Multinational Business Strategy
This is a capstone course for the international business certificate. The course integrates various aspects of international business and focuses on the formulation of international business strategy. Case studies that cut across various functional disciplines are emphasized.

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