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Sport is a global passion that bridges both borders and cultures. The International Sport Management Graduate Certificate online at Southern New Hampshire University gives you a global perspective of sport management, while recognizing its roots in local, regional, and national markets. This International Sport Management Graduate Certificate builds on your academic and practical background in sports business to enhance your knowledge and further your career in sport management. You will learn about the role of sport in societies, how to manage sport organizations in an international marketplace, and how to successfully market a sports organization.

Gain Key Sport Management Skills

The online International Sport Management Graduate Certificate prepares you as a sport business manager for the exciting world of global sports. Your graduate-level course work, online or on-campus, will give you a deeper understanding of the complexities of working in the international sports arena. The program will help you:

  • Develop a strong foundation in the management principles of sport business;
  • Develop strategic perspectives in the sports industry, with a focus on international business, licensing, marketing, sales, and strategic alliances;
  • Develop a sport marketing and communications plan relative to products, markets, consumers, and media;
  • Gain an understanding of the interrelationships between institutions, culture, and humanity and their impact on sport-based businesses.

Expand Your Career Options Internationally

With an International Sport Management Graduate Certificate you can pursue a career with professional sports teams, sports agencies, intercollegiate and scholastic sports, parks and recreation departments, event and facilities management, and equipment manufacturing. The diversity of career opportunities is broad. The growing interest in sports around the globe and the corollary need for effective sport management at all levels is increasing the need for those trained in international sport management. The online International Sport Management Graduate Certificate at SNHU gives you a solid foundation in managing the business of sports in the international marketplace.

International Sport Management Certificate Courses

INT-640: Multinational Market Strategies
This course involves the study of the issues involved in identifying developing relationships with international markets.
SPT-525: Sport Licensing and Strategic Alliances
The goal of this course is to develop a deep, working knowledge of sports licensing and strategic alliances and how they relate to the business of sports. We will fully explore the process of identifying and developing a sports licensing and/or strategic alliance strategy so the student will be enabled to apply this knowledge in a real business setting. By doing so a student as a future manager will better recognize opportunities that sports licensing and strategic alliances can potentially offer to their sport business. By developing this in an international context, a student will engender a global view of how sports licensing and strategic alliances are developed and implemented in harmony with overall firm strategy leading to increased shareholder value.
SPT-565: Internationalization of Sport Business
The Internationalization of Sport Business course will help to prepare the sport business manager for the exciting world of global sports. The course is designed to thoroughly introduce the graduate student to the many facets of conducting sport business in the international marketplace. By using real life international sport business examples, students will garner a deeper understanding of the various complexities associated with conducting sport business in an international context. Some of the key areas include culture, international marketing, financial/political/economic risk, ethical dimensions, role of media, technology/products, professional sport leagues and governance.
SPT-608: Sport Marketing and Media
This course examines the concepts and processes used in marketing and communications of a sport organization, at the college, professional or community level. Students will utilize the case study approach to analyze current marketing problems and techniques to develop an effective sport marketing and communications plan; with special emphasis placed on the unique aspect of sport products, markets, consumers, and media relations.
SPT-700: Seminar in Sport Management
This course covers the development of sport administration principles through analysis of specific issues and problems. A seminar format is used to integrate material from previous courses and allow students to focus on their areas of interest.
SPT-501, SPT-565, SPT-600, SPT-608 and MBA-503 or

Select One of the Following:

INT-600: Multinational Corporate Management
This course is an introduction to the nature of international operations and issues of management for multinational activities, with particular emphasis on the cultural, political, economic and physical dimensions of foreign nations.
INT-610: Multinational Corporate Environment
This course is a survey of economic, social and political relationships among and within nations, and their impacts upon corporations that operate in an international context.

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