MBA in Quantitative Analysis - Careers

An MBA in Quantitative Analysis for a new economic paradigm

Upon completion of the Quantitative Analysis concentration program, students will be able to apply statistical analysis techniques, management science techniques and other techniques, interpret the results and make recommendations. They also will be able to use spreadsheets and statistical and management science software for decision-making.

Competition for a quantitative analyst jobs is fierce - an MBA in Quantitative Analysis that combines the scientific method with core business management principles can set you apart from other “quants.”  Number crunching and data mining will not be enough. Successful quants will need to be flexible and have an understanding of management and business that reaches beyond their job roles.

Quantitative analysts will find their skills in high demand in all industries, particularly in the financial world, where data modeling is critical to determining the success of money movement.  Furthermore, any business model that can take advantage of data-driven results – IT, logistics and traffic management, operations, etc. -  will benefit from quantitative analysis. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, analysts will see job growth of 22 percent through 2020.

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