MA in English - Careers

Online Master of Arts in English Provides Variety of Career Options

Upon earning your online Master of Arts in English, careers that require a deep and broad knowledge of literature, extensive experience in critical analysis, and excellent writing and communication skills could open their doors to you. This range of skills may allow you to pursue a variety of MA in English career options:

  • doctoral degree in English, literature or other fields
  • MFA degree
  • professional degree in law or business
  • full-time or adjunct English instructor at a community college
  • private secondary school English teacher
  • public school English teacher (depending on state licensing requirements)
  • publishing
  • editing
  • public relations
  • research

Gain Critical Skills with Online MA English
Course Work

MA in English degree career options take advantage of a curriculum that exposes you to a wide range of graduate-level English language and literature topics. Upon graduating, you will learn how to:

  • evaluate, synthesize and incorporate various theoretical arguments into original interpretations of literary texts.
  • demonstrate expertise in a literary subject and articulate new potential connections between language/literature and social and cultural history.
  • articulate several theoretical approaches to literature and apply both theory and form to primary texts, for purposes of informed, original interpretations that contribute to the field of study.
  • compose essays of significant depth that involve researching, evaluating and integrating a variety of literary sources into scholarly papers, each containing an extended, cohesive and original literary argument that contributes to the field of study.
  • produce scholarship that adds to others' aesthetic appreciation for literature and articulates the critical role it plays in culture and society.

Career Opportunities with an MA English Degree

Depending on your interests and goals, you may pursue a variety of careers upon earning an MA English degree, from earning a doctoral or advanced degree to teaching at the university, community college or secondary level, or pursuing a career in publishing, writing or editing.  Opportunities in these areas typically vary by position. As an example, employment of authors, writers, and editors is expected to increase 8 percent in the decade prior to 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, with jobs in these areas expected to increase as the economy improves.

Career Resources for an MA in English

Access helpful information about potential careers and professional associations for those with a master's degree in English.

Career Opportunities

SNHU Career Planning and Job Search Resources
Access SNHU Career Development Center resources for career planning and job search information related to earning an online MA English degree.

Professional Associations

American Comparative Literature Association
ACLA is the principal learned society in the U.S. for scholars whose works involve several literatures and cultures, as well as the premises of cross-cultural literary study.

The English Institute
The English Institute is a major resource for developments in criticism, theory and scholarship, while honoring traditional fields of interest and modes of literary analysis.

The International Society for the Study of Narrative
The International Society for the Study of Narrative is a nonprofit association of scholars dedicated to the investigation of narrative, its elements, techniques and forms; its relations to other modes of discourse; its power and influence in cultures past and present.

National Council of Teachers of English
The National Council of Teachers of English is devoted to improving the teaching and learning of English and the language arts at all levels of education.

National Writers Association
The National Writers Association Foundation exists to enhance the future of writers by fostering continuing education through awarding scholarships and providing no or low cost workshops and seminars. A nonprofit organization, NWA provides education and an ethical resource for writers at all levels of experience.

Shakespeare Association of America
The Shakespeare Association of America  is a nonprofit, academic organization devoted to the study of William Shakespeare and his plays and poems, the cultural and theatrical milieu in which he lived and worked, and the various roles he has played in both Anglo-American and world culture.

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