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Interpret the past and illuminate the future with our Master's in History.

History never stops happening. Every time we turn on the TV, cruise the Internet or open a newspaper, we observe defining events and profound discoveries that will earn a place in our global information archives.

Analyzing, interpreting and disseminating this history is the job of a historian. Historians are teachers, archeologists, economists, government employees, politicians, curators, preservationists, and educational publishers, just to name a few of about 4,000 jobs held by those with advanced history degrees.

Advanced degrees in history are among the fastest growing graduate programs – and not just because they’re critical to obtaining a Ph.D. Given the pace at which modern-day history happens, a master's in history is more relevant than ever to today’s careers.

Southern New Hampshire University’s online history master's degree will deepen your knowledge of the process of "making" history through:

  • Analyzing historical scholarship for its credibility, methodologies, biases, and potential implications with a professional level of objectivity and precision
  • Crafting written communications that are effectively tailored to one’s audience, exhibiting an economical command of language, and accurately applying appropriate styles and conventions
  • Articulating and acting in accordance with an ethical system that incorporates the societal responsibilities entrusted to historians as the caretakers of our collective narratives and cultural identities
  • Defending the relevance of the past as it pertains to making informed decisions about the future by promoting transparency in the interpretation of historical truth

You will emerge not only with up-to-date knowledge, but also with the research, writing and critical thinking skills to work in a variety of fields where today’s real world meets meaningful interpretations of the past.

Choose From Three Areas of Concentration

While you don’t need an undergraduate degree in history to qualify, nearly all our master's in history candidates have a penchant or passion for history - as collectors, war buffs, historical fiction fans, or simply appreciators of times past. Choose a general history track, or specialize in American, military or public history. Each concentration has unique professional applications that your admission counselor can help you explore.

Advantages of the Online History Master's Degree:

  • One of the most convenient, flexible and affordable graduate history degrees available
  • No residency requirement; 100% online
  • No GMAT or GRE required for admission
  • No language requirement
  • Quick application review/notification process
  • Classes taught and developed by real-world experts 
  • The ability to graduate in as few as 15 months, with two courses per 10-week term
  • Offered by a private, nonprofit, fully accredited university, the only university on Fast Company’s 2012 World’s Most Innovative Companies list

Admission Requirements

Acceptance decisions are made on a rolling basis throughout the year for our five graduate terms. You can apply at any time and get a decision within days of submitting all required materials. To apply, simply contact an admission counselor, who can help you explore financial options.  Your counselor can also walk you through the application process, which involves completing a graduate application ($40 fee) and providing undergraduate transcripts.

Additional requirements:

  • Undergraduate degree (can be in a discipline outside of the intended MA degree program).
  • Statement of Purpose: 200-500 words explaining why you wish to enter the program.
  • Writing Sample:  Minimum 3-5 pages (i.e. research paper, creative work, critical analysis of a literary piece, or work from previous academic studies).

Students with an undergraduate GPA below 2.75 are eligible for provisional acceptance. Based on your educational background, some Master of Arts provisional students may be required to take SNHU 501 – Introduction to Graduate Studies – which will provide students with the scholarly tools to be successful in their Master of Arts program of study. This policy is effective for new students enrolling for the 15TW4 graduate term starting April 27, 2015.

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