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International MBA from SNHU

Compete Globally with an International MBA

With an online International MBA from SNHU, you are preparing yourself to compete in the increasingly global 21st-century business world. Specially selected courses use a mix of theory and applied research to develop your mastery of this field and prepare you for high-level work in the international activities of firms doing business in other countries.

Our innovative, leading-edge International MBA curriculum is taught by highly qualified faculty who integrate their research and professional experience into classes. Our International Business Department faculty members are well recognized in their fields of specialization. Their close connections with businesses and governmental organizations play a key role in the success of our graduates in our international business programs. An opportunity to visit multinational corporations in a variety of countries also gives our students a real-world view of international business.

Since we enable you to tailor our International MBA programs around your interests, you will be able to acquire the specific knowledge base and skill sets you'll need to achieve your career goals. Graduates of our International MBA programs are working around the world in global finance, international trade, international marketing, management of companies overseas and international project development.

Courses are conveniently offered year-round online and on campus. The GMAT and GRE are not required to be considered for acceptance. Regardless of what you ultimately plan to do, when you graduate with an International MBA from SNHU, you'll leave with:

  • Greater cultural awareness – By learning about foreign cultures, customs and practices, you'll expand your worldview and be better equipped to compete in the global marketplace.
  • A thorough understanding of international business – You'll discover how to take a holistic view of business by factoring in external influences on decision making, such as politics, international law, economic policies and cultural beliefs. Learn how to direct and manage businesses in a multinational environment with different political, economic, financial and regulatory systems.
  • Knowledge of a specific discipline – Whether you're interested in finance, marketing, accounting or another discipline, you will be able to customize your International MBA program around your interests and gain a fundamental understanding of that subject matter — which you can then build on through further studies or career experiences.
  • Effective research strategies – As is the case with all SNHU MBA programs, you'll learn how to effectively gather and analyze data and information from a variety of new media resources.
  • Interpersonal communication skills – Through written and oral presentations, you'll sharpen your ability to connect with people from different cultures and with
    different perspectives.

You will gain an in-depth understanding of:

  • the impact of international economic, social and political relationships on corporations.
  • risk and funding strategies in international monetary relationships.
  • key issues in identifying developing relationships within international markets.
  • international trade, commercial policies, and how to improve international competitiveness.
  • effective negotiation skills for working with people from different cultures and societies.
  • how to formulate an international business strategy.

Our International MBA curriculum is designed to provide a solid foundation of theory and practice, taught by faculty with real-world business experience, in a classroom environment where students get the opportunity to interact and share best practices with peers from more than 80 countries around the world.

Why Choose SNHU’s International MBA?

  • Focused knowledge: You will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge by selecting a concentration or combining electives that focus on your area of interest. Our 21 MBA concentrations cover a wide variety of business verticals and subjects. Each concentration is made up of three specially selected courses to provide you with comprehensive knowledge in your area of interest.
  • Affordability - One of the most affordable online or on-campus International MBA programs available today from a respected, private, nonprofit university.
  • Academic heritage – Southern New Hampshire University was established in 1932 and has been offering online degree programs since 1996. We are one of the leading International Business programs in the U.S., with bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs.
  • Accreditation - Programs are accredited by seven governing agencies, including the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.
  • Speed – Earn your International MBA in as few as 15 months, with two courses per
    10-week term.
  • Balance – Course work merges theory and practice so you can use tomorrow what you learned in class today.
  • Faculty - Classes for SNHU’s International MBA programs are taught by business faculty with advanced degrees and extensive international experience who deliver a dynamic curriculum.
  • Flexibility - Take courses online, on campus, at an off-campus center or any combination thereof. Study full or part time.
  • Small classes - Generally between 20 and 30 students per course.
  • Optional overseas study - Participate in an optional two-week summer program studying business practices in countries with emerging markets, such as Russia, China, Brazil, the Czech Republic or Turkey
  • Research – Use our International Business Modeling Laboratory for quantitative and technical research activities
  • Unique courses – SNHU offers a unique variety of specialized international business courses.
  • Alumni – Outstanding networking opportunities with your peers and with in-state, national and international alumni groups.

International MBA Curriculum

The International MBA curriculum is built on a 10-course core that is designed to provide academic rigor and the body of knowledge you would expect in a traditional MBA, but with truly international business-focused content. It also provides the flexibility for you to customize your degree with classes that focus on specific topics of interest. Choose to take electives or select a concentration area to complete your International MBA.

Students progress through the core courses and then through electives or a concentration track. To earn your degree, you will complete 10 International MBA core courses and either three elective business courses or three concentration courses, for a minimum of 13 courses (39 credits).

Those with non-business academic backgrounds may be required to take foundation courses. Students requiring foundation courses often choose the elective option because it provides the added flexibility of using some foundation courses to fulfill their elective requirements. Students choosing the elective option are also able to pursue a graduate certificate in addition to their degree program (typically at a reduced credit load, depending on the electives selected).

International MBA Curriculum – Electives Track

The electives track features three graduate business courses of your choice in addition to the 10-course core. SNHU offers hundreds of courses to choose from; students can seek to develop a specific area of expertise or choose a variety of courses to add more breadth to your general management foundation.

International MBA Curriculum – Concentrations Track

The International MBA program offers more than 20 career-oriented concentrations, which provide a convenient way to focus your education to your field or a field into which you are seeking to transition. Each three-course concentration was specifically designed to provide depth in a specialized field.

International MBA Curriculum - Core Courses

The 10-course International MBA core was developed to help students succeed in today's competitive and diverse business environment. Although topics are based loosely around a traditional MBA, course content is primarily focused on developing the skill set and strategic advantage to lead companies that do business globally.

ACC-500: Managerial Accounting
Students in this course study the accumulation of accounting information. The internal use of accounting for management planning, control and decision-making is emphasized. Background preparation: 6 credit hours of accounting or equivalent. Note: ACC 500 cannot be taken for credit or as an elective if ACC 510 has been completed.
FIN-500: Financial Management
This course is a study of financial decision- making in a firm, including its relationship to financial markets and institutions. Background preparation: 6 credit hours in economics.
ACC-500, ACC-510 or ACC-550 and MBA-502
INT-601: Global Entrepreneurship
This course explores the entire process of engaging in entrepreneurial activities in the global arena. The course covers in detail five essential areas of business development in the global market: Fundamentals and Identifying Opportunities, Valuation and Risk Management, Mobilizing Resources, Managing Contingencies and Changing Contexts, and Growth, Harvesting and Exit of businesses. Each of these areas will be covered in detail and supported with actual global case studies to enhance the learning of concepts. Students will test their skills by researching the creation of a global company.
INT-610: Multinational Corporate Environment
This course is a survey of economic, social and political relationships among and within nations, and their impacts upon corporations that operate in an international context.
INT-620: Multinational Corporate Finance
This course is a study of the problems of financing and reporting international operations. The evaluation of risk and funding strategies in international monetary relationships are emphasized.
INT-640: Multinational Market Strategies
This course involves the study of the issues involved in identifying developing relationships with international markets.
INT-650: International Trade and Competitiveness
Students in this course examine the conceptual and practical aspects of international trade and competitiveness. Theories of international trade, commercial policies and ways to improve international competitiveness are studied.
INT-660: International Negotiations
The issues and problems inherent in conducting business across different cultures are examined in this course. Students develop skills and strategies needed for effective negotiation with people from different cultures and societies.
INT-700: Multinational Business Strategy
This is a capstone course for the international business certificate. The course integrates various aspects of international business and focuses on the formulation of international business strategy. Case studies that cut across various functional disciplines are emphasized.
QSO-635: International Supply Chain Management
The U.S. economy is becoming increasingly global in nature. We are marketing and distributing more products in foreign nations, locating plants and other facilities internationally, and are buying from foreign companies. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the supply chain management function related to the international environment in terms of business/cultural customs, legal considerations, purchasing strategies, financial aspects, and international distribution.

International MBA Curriculum - Foundation Courses

Some students may be required to take foundation courses as prerequisites for more advanced IMBA material. Students with business-related undergraduate degrees typically are exempt from most foundation courses. In many cases, students choosing the electives track are able to apply credit hours from their foundation courses against their elective requirements.

Please speak to an admission advisor for more information.

MBA-501: Mathematics and Statistics for Business
This is an applied course, which will provide students with the mathematical knowledge and skills that underlie many courses offered in the school of business. Students will learn the fundamental concepts and methods of linear algebra, mathematical functions, differential calculus and statistics and their applications to business. They will also sharpen their quantitative, analytical and problem-solving skills that are so important for success in the world of business today.
MBA-502: Economics for Business
This course is intended to provide the student with a concisely focused yet rigorous introduction to both micro- and macroeconomic theory needed at the foundational level of a graduate degree program. Some of the topics to be addressed include: market behavior; demand theory and related elasticity concepts; production and cost theory; managerial decision-making in perfectly competitive and imperfectly competitive markets; GDP determination; unemployment and inflation; and fiscal and monetary policy.
MBA-503: Financial Reporting and Analysis
This course is designed to help future business leaders across all functional areas appreciate and understand the rules and regulations, processes and procedures, and significance of financial accounting statements and reports. It provides a balanced presentation between how statements are prepared and, more importantly, how to analyze these statements and footnotes to assess a company's performance within the industry and management's performance within a particular company. New government regulations have made the integrity and quality of financial accounting information everyone's responsibility. This course will help future business leaders conduct better internal audits, improve forecasts and valuations, and make better management decisions.
MBA-610: Business Law
This course focuses on the theory and application of business regulations and the laws of contracts, agency, property and business organizations. Background preparation: 3 credit hours in business law or the equivalent.
OL-500: Human Behavior in Organizations
This course is a study of individuals and groups and their interaction. Students examine theories of motivation, communication, leadership, power and change with practical relation to contemporary issues. They also study organizations for key design variables and reward systems aimed at improved performance and organizational efficiency through employee motivational programs, participative management and cooperative decision making.

International MBA Admission

The backgrounds of students in SNHU's International MBA programs vary widely. While the majority of students have undergraduate degrees in business, some successful participants have undergraduate degrees in foreign languages, social sciences and natural sciences. Most are employed in a capacity in which an International MBA will provide an academic credential and a body of knowledge that will impact their careers. A common denominator for success is a willingness to appreciate and work with other cultures and to travel overseas.

International MBA acceptance decisions are made on a rolling basis. You may apply at any time; most students receive a decision within a few days of submitting all the materials. To apply:

  • Contact an admission advisor at or 888.387.0861 who can provide you with more information and help you determine which options are right for you.
  • Complete the SNHU online graduate application.
  • Submit the $40 application fee online or send a check to SNHU, 33 S. Commercial St., Manchester, NH 03101-2626 (application fees are waived for SNHU undergraduate students and members of the military).
  • Send your undergraduate transcript(s) from the institution(s) where you earned your bachelor's degree to SNHU, 33 S. Commercial St., Manchester, NH 03101-2626. If your transcript is not in English, please send an English translation.
  • Submit your resume or employment history to the above address.

International MBA Costs and Financial Aid

Working toward a degree is a smart investment in your future - and at SNHU, it's an affordable one, too. We keep our costs low, and we'll help you find the best financial assistance solution (including tuition reimbursement, for those who are eligible).

Tuition and Fee Information

Regular Graduate Pricing Per-Course* Per-Credit Hour*
Online Degrees/Certificates $1,881 $627
On Campus Degrees/Certificates $1,881 $627
Degrees/Certificates (Active-duty Military and their Spouses) $1,410 $470
Additional Costs:
Application Fee ($40), Graduation Fee ($150), Books (course-by-course),
Full-Time Manchester campus students incur the following fees: Health Service Fee $25 per semester & one-time Activity Fee ($300)
International Students need International Health Insurance ($107/month), Health Service Fee $10 per term, Support and Activity Fee $650 per year

For more information, contact:

International Students

International students who require a visa to study in the U.S. should contact our International Admission office at or 603.645.9629.

Admission Requirements

Acceptance decisions are made on a rolling basis throughout the year for our five graduate terms. You can apply at any time and get a decision within days of submitting all required materials. To apply, simply contact an admission counselor, who can help you explore financial options.  Your counselor can also walk you through the application process, which involves completing a graduate application ($40 fee) and providing undergraduate transcripts.

Candidates are also required to submit a resume.

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