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Master of Science in Marketing Courses

Southern New Hampshire University's master’s in marketing is a 12-course, 36-credit program that enables you to take marketing classes online, on campus or both - whatever best fits your schedule.

The curriculum includes an in-depth marketing foundation, while offering a broad range of elective courses that allow students to tailor the program more specifically to their area of interest in support of career goals. Marketing core requirements provide a general marketing context. The marketing electives afford more detailed study of specialty areas within the marketing discipline.

Required Courses

INT-640: Multinational Market Strategies
This course involves the study of the issues involved in identifying developing relationships with international markets.
MKT-500: Marketing Strategies
This course is a study of the activity by which organizations discover consumer and other organizations' needs and wants, and then provide satisfaction through a mutually beneficial relationship. Students will explore the topics of selecting a target market, conducting marketing research, and designing product, price, promotional, and distribution strategies through the development of a marketing plan.
MKT-605: Integrated Marketing Communications
This course is concerned with the development, evaluation, and implementation of integrated marketing communication strategies in complex environments. The course deals primarily with an in-depth analysis of a variety of concepts, theories, facts and analytical procedures, techniques and models in topics that include various communication functions, media alternatives and the integrated marketing communication concept.
MKT-618: Marketing Analytics
This course will look at a number of quantitative tools and techniques and their application in a marketing context. The course will focus on understanding the relationship among marketing factors, variables, and the consumer. Students will learn how to analyze data in order to guide and support marketing related decisions.
MKT-620: Consumer Behavior
This course focuses on the market's consumer behavior by investigating its psychological, sociological, economic, and anthropological influences, both theoretical and research based. Designing effective marketing strategies will be explored using the knowledge of these influences.
MKT-500 or MBA-560
MKT-625: Strategic Internet Marketing
This course will introduce students to the Internet marketing landscape. Through exploring platforms, players and technology, the students will have a better understanding of the business models used in online marketing. Understanding consumer behavior in an online environment will help in creating integrated online strategies. All these, together with theories of online campaign development and management, with a hands-on approach to marketing automation and intelligence will provide the frame work for a comprehensive understanding of strategic internet marketing.
MKT-675: Ethical and Legal Issues in Marketing
This course examines a range of ethical issues facing marketing managers as seen through the viewpoints of various comprehensive ethical theories. The goal is for students to develop their own ethical framework for making marketing decisions within the knowledge of the various ethical theories and U.S. marketing laws. Traditional topics such as ethics in marketing research, product liability, selling, advertising, and pricing are covered. Emerging ethical issues such as international marketing, competitive intelligence, socially controversial products, privacy, and corporate policies are also examined. However, topics may change to reflect current business concerns. The course is taught using a seminar format utilizing cases and readings.


Choose any four courses with the MKT prefix to satisfy the Marketing Electives requirement

Foundation Course(s)

MBA-501: Mathematics and Statistics for Business
This is an applied course, which will provide students with the mathematical knowledge and skills that underlie many courses offered in the school of business. Students will learn the fundamental concepts and methods of linear algebra, mathematical functions, differential calculus and statistics and their applications to business. They will also sharpen their quantitative, analytical and problem-solving skills that are so important for success in the world of business today.

Capstone Course

MKT-700: Marketing Capstone
This capstone course integrates previous coursework and practical experience with a focus on authentic demonstration of competencies outlined by the program. Rather than introducing new concepts, students will synthesize prior learning to design, develop, and execute an analytics project on their chosen subject as a culmination of their studies. The course will be structured around this critical capstone assessment, so that students have the appropriate support and resources required to be successful.
Senior standing (30 credits or more)

Marketing Learning Outcomes

Students in the master’s in marketing program will acquire critical skills in brand management, customer loyalty, audience engagement through diverse media and comprehensive marketing plans. Graduates of this program will be prepared for professional careers as marketing analysts, brand directors or related marketing positions in public and private sectors, as well as government sectors.

Courses in SNHU’s master’s in marketing program enable graduates to:

  • Analyze and interpret qualitative and quantitative data to align marketing plans to the strategic goals of an organization
  • Create integrated and aligned strategies for maximizing opportunities through the use of marketing theory and practices
  • Distill information through diverse media to inform, negotiate and persuade stakeholders
  • Develop international marketing strategies that address the commercial, political, legal and cultural environments in a global economy
  • Certify marketing practices are compliant within legal environments, regulatory standards and ethical practices
  • Manage a brand in cross-functional environments to ensure the creation, capture and delivery of value

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