BS in Business Studies Degree: Business Administration

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Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from SNHU

Is a Business Studies Degree in Business Administration Right for You?

When you earn an online Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, you learn the business skills necessary to succeed in managerial roles. The Bachelor’s in Business Studies - Business Administration is a degree that combines business acumen and leadership skills into an online BS business administration program that is reflective of today's results-oriented business world.

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The Focus of an Online Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

The Business Studies - Business Administration Online Degree program combines management courses and a broad business education in areas such as accounting, human resources and marketing, similar to a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. Students learn supervisory and managerial skills for use in corporate, nonprofit and government organizations.

Why Earn an Online BS in Business Administration  Degree at SNHU?

As a private, nonprofit affordable accredited university, SNHU focuses on ensuring you have the necessary skills to succeed. Whether you enroll in the Business Studies Business Administration Online Degree program or through any of our five regional campuses, you will benefit from an SNHU education:

  • Quality education at one of the most affordable tuition rates available.
  • Choose how you want to learn: online, campus-based or a combination.
  • Professors and instructors who are actively involved with their students' success.
  • High-quality instruction from business department faculty with a wealth of real-world business expertise.
  • Students in our business administration online degree programs have 24/7/365 access to class – attend when it is most convenient for you.

Required Core Courses

Business Administration Degree Concentration Courses

OL-211: Human Resource Management
This course examines the fundamentals of policies and administration. Major tasks of procedures and developing, maintaining and utilizing an effective team are studied. Students are introduced to international human resource management. Offered every semester.
OL-215: Principles of Management
This course is designed to examine the fundamentals and principles of management in order to develop an understanding of management in any formal organization. Special attention is paid to planning and decision-making. International management is also covered. Offered every semester. Writing Intensive Course.
UC: ENG-10, ENG-120, ENG-121H or ENG-200; ADB-125
OL-342: Organizational Behavior
This course focuses on the primary factors that influence behavior in organizations. Emphasis is placed on leadership, group dynamics, inter- group dynamics, organizational structure and design, change, culture, power and politics, environment and technology and organizational behavior in an international context. Offered every year. Writing and team intensive course. Junior standing or permission of instructor.
ADB-125 or OL-125 Junior prereg status

OL ELE - Students may select two (2) 300 or 400-level Organizational Leadership electives (except OL-490)
*BUS-307 can satisfy a 300-level OL elective

Free Elective Credits: 30

Total Credits: 120

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