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Information Technology Degree Online from SNHU

Is an Information Technology Degree Online Right for You?

The Online Information Technology Degree program merges a strong understanding of business with an IT degree. This is a Computer Information Degree that focuses on developing IT knowledge in the context of developing the business skills that an employer desires.

This online Information Technology Degree is ideal for adults wishing to transfer college credits, switch to IT from another field or supplementing a technical degree or background with a bachelor's degree in business that focuses on IT.

If you want to combine a Computer Information Degree with other business disciplines, the online Business Studies curriculum enables you to focus on another business concentration as well.

Why Choose an Information Technology Degree Online at SNHU?

The Online Information Technology Degree at SNHU teaches you core business management skills while giving you a strong foundation in the IT field. This Computer Information Degree lets students use electives to focus on particular areas of interest. The curriculum has been developed by professors who are practicing IT experts and understand the world in which you will work.

As a private, affordable, nonprofit, accredited university, SNHU focuses on ensuring you have the necessary skills to succeed. Whether you enroll in the Online Information Technology Degree program or take courses at any of our five regional campuses, you will benefit from an SNHU education:

  • Quality education at one of the most affordable tuition rates available.
  • Choose how you want to learn: online, campus-based or a combination.
  • Professors and instructors who are actively involved with their students' success.
  • High-quality instruction from information technology faculty with a wealth of real-world business and technology expertise.
  • 24/7/365 access to class – attend when it is most convenient for you.

Computer Information Degree
Employment Opportunities

SNHU's Information Technology Degree online program offers a solid foundation in the IT field. This education can prepare you for positions such as:

  • Systems analysts and programmer
  • Telecommunications specialist
  • Database designer
  • Information technology manager

Information technology is an in-demand, growth area. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics identifies five IT-related occupations in the top 20 jobs requiring at least a bachelor’s degree (as ranked by the total number of openings for the period 2010-2020).

Business Studies Information Technology
Degree Curriculum

This program is of interest to students wanting to combine information technology with general business study. Whether you pursue the Business Studies Computer Information Technology Degree online or one of our campuses, you will receive a broad grounding in IT and business.

Transfer of Credit

Did you previously attend college? If you are a student who wants transfer to SNHU or simply wants to finish what you’ve started, we try to make transferring as easy as possible. We will accept up to 90 transferred academic credits and we automatically complete an official credit evaluation as part of the application review process.

The Business Studies online Computer Information Technology Degree program appeals to those with previous college credit. It affords students the opportunity to apply previously taken business courses to create a program that meets their career goals.

Required Core Courses

Computer Information Technology Concentration Courses

IT-201: Computer Platform Technologies
This course provides the hardware/software technology background for information technology personnel. Hardware topics include CPU architecture, memory, registers, addressing modes, busses, instruction sets and a variety of input/output devices. Software topics include operating system modules, process management, memory and file system management. Also included are basic network components and multi-user operating systems. Offered every year.
CIS-100 or IT-100
IT-330: Database Design and Management
This course covers the design and implementation of information systems within a database management system environment. Students will demonstrate their mastery of the design process acquired in earlier courses by designing and constructing a physical system using database software to implement logical design. Topics include data models and modeling tools and techniques; approaches to structural and object design; models for databases (relational, hierarchical, networked and object-oriented designs) CASE tools, data dictionaries, repositories and warehouses, Windows/GUI coding and/or implementation, code and application generation, client-server planning, testing and installation, system conversion, end-user training and integration and post-implementation review. Offered every year.
IT-340: Network and Telecommunication Management
This course provides an in-depth knowledge of data communications and networking theory, concepts and requirements relative to telecommunications and networking technologies, structures, hardware and software. Emphasis is on the concepts of communications theory and practices, terminology, and the analysis and design of networking applications. Management of telecommunications networks, cost-benefit analysis and evaluation of connectivity options are covered. Students can design, build and maintain a local area network (LAN). Offered as needed.
CIS-201 or IT-201 and CIS-200 or IT-210

IT ELE - Students may select four (4) Information Technology electives (as recommended by an advisor)

Free Elective Credits: 24

Total Credits: 120

SNHU's online degree programs meet the needs of today's students while ensuring educational quality and real-world applicability. Contact us to learn more about the SNHU difference.

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