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Use Psychology Principles to Improve Productivity

Discover one of the few online Industrial Organizational Psychology Degree programs in the country with a business orientation at SNHU. This specialized Degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology teaches you how to apply psychological principles to improve individual performance within an organization or business. The applications of these principles are very appropriate in the recruitment and selection as well as the training and development functions - areas that promote business effectiveness. What makes the Online BS in Business Studies Industrial Organizational Psychology Degree program unique is that it merges psychology courses with core business courses to provide a focused business degree with tremendous versatility.

Earn your Degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology entirely online, or for those in the New England area, through a blended format of online and face-to-face instruction at one of our regional campuses. The flexibility of the Business Studies program appeals to those with prior credited transfer of credit from another academic institution. Additionally, students may be able to use the electives to explore other interests, such as by taking additional courses in psychology or human resources.

Learn Skills to Help Solve Individual, Team and Organizational Problems

As one of the few undergraduate Industrial Organizational Psychology BS online programs in the country to be incorporated into a business degree, this program provides a unique blend of psychology and business courses to help you develop marketable skills and strategies you can apply to effect organizational change. Along with gaining a strong business foundation in areas such as marketing, accounting and finance, you will also learn key concepts and principles of psychology, including scientific investigation, motivation, personality, intelligence, behavioral deviation, perception, learning and human development. Earning your Degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology will help you develop skills to solve individual, group and organizational problems in the business environment.

Earn an Industrial Organizational Psychology Degree that Enables You to Grow Your Career

Because this is one of just a few business-oriented Industrial Organizational Psychology Online BS Degree programs in the nation, you will graduate with a very versatile degree. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following positions, which often rely on professionals with industrial and organizational psychology training, are projected to grow between 2010 and 2020:

  • Training and development specialists, 21 percent
  • Training and development managers, 15 percent
  • Employment, recruitment and placement specialists, 21 percent
  • All other human resources managers, 13 percent

Required Core Courses

Industrial-Organizational Psychology Concentration Courses

PSY-108: Introduction to Psychology
This course provides students an introduction to the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Students prepare for more advanced concepts in upper-level Psychology courses by learning the basics of how to evaluate research and exploring various areas of specialization within the discipline. Offered every semester.
PSY-224: Research II: Scientific Investigations
Students in this course will develop an understanding a variety of research methods, including experimental, survey, correlation and case-history techniques. They will become aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each method and understand when each method is best used. Offered every year. Writing intensive course.
PSY-108 or PSY-108H and MAT-240 or MAT-245
PSY-257: Social Psychology
Social psychology is an interesting, dynamic study of how people's thoughts, feelings and actions are affected by others. Issues discussed include prejudice, conformity, interpersonal attraction and violence. The scientific methods of studying such phenomena are emphasized. Offered as needed.
PSY-108 or PSY-108H
PSY-258: Industrial Organizational Psychology
Industrial/Organizational Psychology is an applied field in psychology focused to improve the effectiveness of the workplace through research, assessment and interventions allowing for enhancement of the office climate, improvement of group and individual performance and overall organizational goals. I/O psychologists work in a wide variety of organizational settings including human resource agencies, professional administration, marketing, consulting, training and development, and university teaching.
PSY-108 or PSY-108H
PSY-305: Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive psychology focuses on mental processes; we explore research and theory relating to memory, thinking, problem-solving, and language. Applied topics will include learning skills to help improve memory, accommodating memory/language disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease and dyslexia, and understanding how brain scanning techniques can be used to understand memory.
PSY-108 or PSY-108H
PSY-335: Assessment and Testing
Students in this course will become aware of the use and abuse of psychometric techniques. Specific techniques that currently are used will be introduced and understood. While knowledge about specific tests may be somewhat limited, students will obtain knowledge and the types of tests and techniques available. Offered every year.
PSY-108 or PSY-108H, and MAT-240 or MAT-245

Free Elective Credits: 27

Total Credits: 120

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