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Sport Management Degree Online from SNHU

The Business Studies Sports Management Degree online program is one that should appeal to those with previous college credit. In addition, this program is perfect for students seeking to switch to business from another discipline or supplement a technical degree with a bachelor's degree in business. This online Degree in Sport Management affords students the opportunity to apply previously taken business courses to meet their career goals.

Is the Sport Management Degree Online Right for You?

Have you wondered how you can turn your passion for sports into a career? Have you previously attended college but were unable to continue your studies? If so, the online Bachelor of Science in Sport Management Degree at SNHU might be the answer.

Sports are an integral part of today’s society and those trained in the principles of sport management are in a position to realize their goals of a career in this thriving industry. The Sport Management's Online Degree program combines industry-specific courses with a broad business education in such areas as accounting, human resources, marketing and more.

The Business Studies program, with its numerous electives, is ideal for those seeking to transfer earned college credit while focusing their learning on a specific area of business, such as sport management. Earn an online degree in sport management and gain the industry-specific knowledge you need for this growing field.

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Why Choose the Online Sports Management Degree at SNHU?

As a private, nonprofit, accredited university, SNHU focuses on ensuring you have the necessary skills to succeed. Whether you enroll online or at any of our five regional campuses, you will benefit from an SNHU education:

  • Quality education at one of the most affordable tuition rates available.
  • Choose how you want to learn: online or a combination of online and face-to-face instruction.
  • Professors and instructors who are actively involved with their students' success.
  • High-quality instruction from faculty with a wealth of real-world expertise.
  • Students in our online degree in sport management programs have 24/7/365 access to class - attend when it is most convenient for you.

Sport Management Employment Opportunities

Completion of the Sport Management Degree online can open career opportunities in the field.

Sport is the sixth leading industry in the United States, with annual revenue of about $252 billion. The growth of sports as a major industry has increased the need and opportunity for well-trained professional managers. Opportunities exist in marketing, sales, operations and finance management for professional sports organizations, sporting goods manufacturers, intercollegiate athletics, parks and recreation departments, and fitness facility management. A well-rounded business education with a focus on sport management skills is essential in this rapidly growing field.

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Business Studies Online Sport Management Degree Program Curriculum

Students earning the Business Studies-Sport Management Degree online benefit from a curriculum focusing on the development of sport management and general business skills.

Required Core Courses

Sport Management Concentration Courses

SPT-111: Introduction to Sport Management
This introductory course emphasizes the management principles related to the business of sports. It includes personnel, programs, marketing, media, financial management and an overview of career possibilities in this growing field. Offered every semester.
SPT-201: Governance/Management of Sport Organizations
This course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the role of governance structures and management in sport organizations. The primary aim is to familiarize students with a basic understanding of organizational structures used in the management and governance of sport. Topics and issues discussed will involve organizational theory, behavior, and governance structures used in amateur, professional, and international sport organizations; and to provide students with an overview of the sport industry, and the issues encountered by managers of sport organizations and how management techniques can be applied to effectively address these issues.
SPT-111 and ENG-121 or ENG-200
SPT-208: Sport Marketing
Students study current sports marketing problems and apply marketing techniques to develop an effective sports marketing plan. Offered every semester. Writing Intensive Course.
SPT-333: Sport, Society, and Ethics
This course examines the major issues and controversies of sport in society. Students will develop an appreciation of the ways sport in society contributes to analyzing and understanding human behavior in sports contexts; and a basic understanding of the theories and principles related to socio-cultural issues and ethics and morality in the sport industry.
ENG-200 or COM-212

Select Two of the Following:

SPT-307: Sport Law
This course examines the legal issues prominent in the world of sport. The legal liability and responsibilities of coaches, athletic administrators, and sport managers at the professional, college and community levels will be discussed.
SPT-310: Sport Sponsorship
This experiential learning course provides students with the opportunity to actively participate in their personal and professional development. Through actively participating in the learning process, students will enhance their experience and understanding of the corporate sponsorship sales process specifically in the areas of proposal development, research and analysis, solicitation/sales, contracts, evaluation and servicing/managing.
SPT-319: Sport Sales and Promotions
This course provides a cross-disciplinary approach to a variety of marketing, sales and promotions issues that confront sport managers. Offered every semester.
SPT-208 and ENG-200
SPT-320: Media/Public Relations in Sport
This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the role of media and public relations in the sport industry. The primary aim is to familiarize students with media relations, public relations, and community relations in sport organizations and how these areas are integrated into the field of sport and the engagement of interdisciplinary thinking.
ENG-200 or permission of instructor
SPT-321: Fitness Management
This course will provide specific information about personal fitness. Topics include the purchase and use of fitness equipment and staffing and management concerns for club, corporate and collegiate settings. A $25 lab fee is required to cover CPR certification. Offered every semester.
SPT-323: Golf Club Management
Golf Management will prepare students for a career in one of the most rapidly growing industries in the United States. Golf and business are intertwined. Golf is a business comprised of equipment, apparel, golf courses, travel, real estate development and many other aspects. The combination of classroom instruction, outside speakers and on-site visits will prepare a student to enter this growing field. Offered as needed. Junior standing or permission of instructor.
Junior prereg status
SPT-340: Practicum in Sport Management
This seminar combined with field experience will provide an opportunity to apply theories, concepts, and terminology into a practical experience in the field of sport management. Specifically, this experience will provide the student with a mentor and colleagues to learn about management, leadership, decision making, communication, customer service, and to develop as a future professional in the field. Students are required to complete satisfactory work under the direct supervision of a qualified professional and attend scheduled practicum seminars.
Sophomore standing and consent of instructor
SPT-375: Economics of Professional Sports in the U.S.
This course employs the models and theories developed in microeconomics to study the sports industry in the United States. The course applies three areas of economic theory to the study of professional sports (baseball, basketball, football, and hockey) as well as intercollegiate sports. The three areas of economic theory utilized are industrial organization, public finance, and labor economics. Industrial organization theory is used to analyze the types of competition and market structure that exist in the sports industries. The analysis includes an exploration of the costs and benefits of market power as well as the role of the media and the government in the operation of sports franchises and leagues. Public finance theory is used to explore how cities have tied economic development to sports franchises, to analyze the impact of tax-based funding of stadiums, and to evaluate the costs and benefits of sports franchises to their community. Labor economic theory is used to investigate labor conflict and collective bargaining in professional sports as well as the role played by discrimination in professional sports labor markets. Finally, the course explores the existence of the unpaid professional student-athletes and their employer, the NCAA.
SPT-401: Sport Facilities Management
The elements of managing sport facilities, including arenas, stadiums and athletic complexes, form the content of this course. Offered every semester.
SPT-402: Sport Revenue
This course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the many traditional and innovative revenue acquisition methods available to sport organizations. Students will be exposed to conventional income sources, including tax support, ticket sales, concessions and fund raising, and will examine more recent innovations related to licensing sport products, media sales and corporate sponsorship. Offered as needed.
ECO-201, ECO-202 and FIN-320
SPT-415: Event Management and Marketing
This experiential learning course contains the most important information a student needs to know about the field of Sport Event Management, from designing an event to planning and integrated marketing campaign, to negotiating contracts, and supplier agreements. This course will prepare the student to be able to understand and apply the key techniques; understand and utilize those skills related to negotiations and contracts with sponsors, suppliers, and insurance companies; comprehend and implement an integrated approach to marketing that considers every kind of medium; and strategies of how to acquire funding for sport events. Instructor permission required.
SPT-425: Sport Licensing/Strategic Alliances
This course will explore why and how sport licensing is used effectively in the global business of sport. Both theoretical and applied perspectives will be used. The course will examine the strategic rational and different forms of sports licensing and how sport managers can use sport licensing to lead their companies to achieve growth and other key objectives. Course content will include examining US and international sport leagues and how they administer their licensing programs. The course will cover the process of identification of licensing opportunities, selection of business partners, process of establishing a license agreement, international licensing and the management of licensing relationships. In addition, students will be introduced to strategic alliances with an emphasis on why and how domestic and international alliances may be used to achieve sport enterprise objectives. Global marker.
SPT-430: Front Office Management
This course will provide an overall understanding of the operation of a professional sports franchise from a practical real-world perspective. The course will emphasize the various business disciplines of operating a professional sports team with a special emphasis on marketing functions.

Free Elective Credits: 27

Total Credits: 120

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