Online Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Technology

Bachelor Degree in Information Technology from SNHU

Is an Online Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology Right for You?

The near-constant introduction of technology presents new business opportunities every day. Earn your Information Technology Bachelor's Degree so you will be prepared to meet these challenges head on. The Bachelor's Degrees in Computer Information Technology at SNHU offer you comprehensive online Information Technology Degrees that give a deep knowledge of core skills while addressing the ever-evolving technology you will work with in the real world.

At SNHU, you can select from two comprehensive online Information Technology Degrees and focus your studies in specific areas of interest. The Bachelor of Arts program teaches critical IT skills alongside a broader liberal arts curriculum to enhance critical-thinking skills. In the Bachelor of Science program, you’ll gain the same IT knowledge, supplemented by business-specific skills that employers seek.

Why the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Information Technology?

This Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology provides a computer information systems education that builds on the development of critical-thinking skills inherent in a liberal arts education. This is a comprehensive look at all things IT and offers the ability to select from a broad range of electives, so you can tailor your course of study to fit your interests.

Why the Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology?

A business-oriented degree, this Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology focuses on developing students who are both business professionals and technologists. Instead of a liberal arts core, students follow a business skills track. Graduates from this online IT degree program bridge the gap between information technology and business to make a positive impact in the workplace.

You can focus your Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology with a concentration that matches your interests and career goals.

Why choose the Online Information Technology Degrees at SNHU?

In addition to teaching you the practical IT skills you need to succeed in a technical environment, SNHU’s online Information Technology Degrees deliver critical-thinking skills and essential business skills on which to build a successful career. The curriculum for these online information technology degrees has been developed by professors who are practicing IT experts and understand the world in which you will work. SNHU faculty members hold more than 30 patents. As a private, affordable, nonprofit, accredited university, SNHU focuses on ensuring you have the necessary skills to succeed.

Whether you enroll in our online information technology degrees or take courses in a blended format of face-to-face and online instruction at any of our five regional campuses, you will benefit from an SNHU education:

  • Quality education at one of the most affordable tuition rates available.
  • Choose how you want to learn: online, campus-based or a combination.
  • Professors and instructors who are actively involved with their students’ success.
  • High-quality instruction from faculty with a wealth of real-world expertise.
  • 24/7/365 access to class – attend when it is most convenient for you.

SNHU's online degree programs meet the needs of today's students while ensuring educational quality and real-world applicability. Contact us to learn more about the SNHU difference.

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