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Criminal justice students are a distinct group. They seek public purpose, civic responsibility and the intellectual rigor of problem solving. Hard work equals changed lives. There is no greater reward than that.

SNHU’s online criminal justice program prepares you to succeed both personally and professionally. Emerge prepared for a number of careers in business security, policing and law enforcement, federal service agencies, terrorism prevention, the courts, corrections, dispute resolution, victim advocacy and more.

Not only are these careers respectable and esteemed, many come with the security of a government sector job, including reliable health benefits and dependable pensions and retirement plans. They also offer high employability, as careers in criminal justice are projected to grow 12-21 percent faster than other jobs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

An important and unique feature of the program is that while you explore crime, the law and the entire justice system, you will also explore how to apply your online criminal justice degree when you graduate.

  • Courses in the online criminal justice program are designed to help you understand what career paths exist within the field that interests you most.
  • Faculty members provide in-class career guidance and advice as part of the coursework.
  • Courses are relevant in content and application to real-world careers.
  • The program provides the opportunity to create a capstone-based research paper suitable for presentation at criminal justice conferences.
  • SNHU offers career services and the opportunity to apply for various research internships toward completion of the capstone project.

Careers in Criminal Justice

Police Patrol Officers - Police Officer, Patrolman, Patrol Officer, Police Sergeant, State Trooper, Police Patrol Officer, Public Safety Officer, Law Enforcement Officer, Alcohol Law Enforcement Agent, Officer

Police Detectives - Detective, Fugitive Detective, Investigator, Police Detective, Narcotics Detective, Fugitive Investigator, Narcotics Investigator, Detective Sergeant, Detective Supervisor, Sex Crimes Detective

Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs - Canine Deputy (K-9 Deputy), Chief Deputy Sheriff, Civil Division Deputy Sheriff, Civil Process Server, Corporal-Road Deputy with Sheriff Department, Deputy, Deputy (Patrol), Deputy Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff (Generalist)-Bailiff, Drug Abuse Resistance Education Officer (DARE Officer)

Criminal Investigators and Special Agents - Special Agent, Detective, Investigator, Criminal Investigator, Detective Sergeant, Agent, Master Police Detective, Narcotics Detective, Police Detective, FBI Special Agent (Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent)

First-Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives - Police Sergeant, Police Captain, Police Lieutenant, Sergeant, Patrol Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, Chief of Police, Police Chief, Lieutenant, Police Shift Commander

Intelligence Analysts - Crime Analyst, Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Criminal Intelligence Analyst Supervisor, Criminal Intelligence Specialist, Criminal Research Specialist, Detective and Intelligence Analyst, Intelligence Analyst, Intelligence Officer, Intelligence Research Specialist, Supervisor Intelligence Analyst

Fish and Game Wardens - Conservation Officer, Wildlife Manager, District Wildlife Manager, Game Warden, Natural Resource Officer, State Conservation Officer, State Game Warden, Wildlife Officer

Immigration and Customs Inspectors - Canine Enforcement Officer (K-9 Enforcement Officer), Customs Inspector, Customs Officer, Customs Port Director, Customs and Border Protection Officer (CBPO), Import Specialist, Inspector, Special Agent, Supervisory CBP Officer, US Customs and Border Protection Officer (US CBPO)

Correctional Officers and Jailers – Correctional Officer, Corrections Officer (CO), Jailer, Detention Deputy, Detention Officer, Correctional Sergeant, Deputy Jailer, Booking Officer, Jailor, Public Safety Officer

Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists – Probation Officer, Juvenile Probation Officer, Probation and Parole Officer, Correctional Counselor, Deputy Probation Officer (DPO), Parole Agent, Parole Officer, Probation Counselor, Adult Probation Officer, Deputy Juvenile Officer

Gaming Surveillance Officers and Gaming Investigators – Surveillance Operator, Surveillance Officer, Surveillance Observer, Security Officer, Surveillance Agent, Surveillance Supervisor, Surveillance Technician, Observer, Surveillance Monitor, Compliance Officer

Private Detectives and Investigators – Loss Prevention Officer, Loss Prevention Detective, Private Investigator, Investigator, Loss Prevention Agent, Loss Prevention Associate, Loss Prevention Investigator, Asset Protection Detective, Loss Prevention Specialist, Private Detective

Social and Community Service Managers – Program Director, Social Services Director, Program Manager, Vocational Rehabilitation Administrator, Adoption Services Manager, Children's Service Supervisor, Clinical Services Director, Community Services Block Grant/Outreach Social Worker (CSBG/Outreach Social Worker), Director of Child Welfare Services, Director of Social Services

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