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Turn Your Desire to Serve into a Meaningful Career

Develop a comprehensive understanding of today's criminal justice system and how to take your knowledge into the real world with SNHU’s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. In this online criminal justice program, you’ll learn from accomplished professionals across all disciplines who bring the real world to you, right into the classroom. Through simulated scenarios, you'll meet actual challenges and solve them with the expert guidance of instructors who have "been there."

No other online criminal justice degree program emphasizes first-hand, relevant experience like SNHU's, with a faculty that works closely with its students to offer professional insights and post-graduation career opportunities.

Choose from a Bachelor of Science, Associate of Science and concentrations in police administration and operations, criminology, legal studies and advocacy and homeland security and counterterrorism. Each is designed to uniquely prepare you for your chosen field or advance you down your current career path.


  • Online courses let you learn when you want, where you want
  • Exceptional value – one of the most affordable online criminal justice degree programs available
  • Discounted tuition for active military and military spouses
  • Accomplished faculty with strong academic credentials and relevant real-world experience
  • Academic advisors who care about your success and work with you every step of the way
  • Direct interaction with faculty and fellow students through online discussions and group projects
  • Private, nonprofit and fully accredited

Choose one of four concentrations, or pursue a general studies track:

Criminology - Understand the social and behavioral sciences behind criminal behavior to prepare you for a career in juvenile justice, human services, child and family services, parole and probation officers or security

Legal Studies and Advocacy - Get a comprehensive overview of the legal processes and other areas that operate in support of the criminal justice system and prepares you for a career in human services, child and family services, victim rights, parole and probation officers or court officials

Homeland Security & Counterterrorism - Get a deep understanding of terrorism and how best to respond to it, and prepares you for a career as an analyst or investigator (depending on organization’s requirements)

Police Administration & Operations - Delve into the numerous demands, functions, goals and leadership mechanisms of the modern police agency, and prepares you for a career in private security and law enforcement. (Note: Careers in law enforcement typically involve academy training, which is not part of this degree program.)

No concentration - Prepares you for a broad education in the field and is ideal for those who want to craft their own focus using available elective courses

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