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Get your career in tip-top shape with a bachelor’s in Health Promotion.

As the U.S. Department of Labor reports, jobs requiring a degree in Health Promotion are on the rise. Growth in this field is a direct result of a population increasingly concerned about living healthy lifestyles to enjoy life and to reduce healthcare costs. Careers in public health departments are common. You may also find yourself working for a nonprofit organization or in a hospital, managed care facility or private business.
Take a closer look at the types of careers available in the Health Promotion field:

Health Educators
Health Education, in a nutshell, is about teaching individuals how to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. These educators are responsible for creating and implementing health education programs and materials and making sure people have easy access to those services and information. Duties often include supervising employees who run the health programs, advocating for new health policies at the government level and collecting and analyzing data to evaluate and improve programs.

Community Health Workers
Assist individuals and communities to adopt healthy behaviors. Conduct outreach for medical personnel or health organizations to implement programs in the community that promote, maintain and improve individual and community health. Advocate for individuals and community health needs.

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