Healthcare Management Degree Online - Outcomes

Positive Future for Grads with Online Healthcare Management Degree

The rapidly changing healthcare industry is creating career opportunities for those with an in-depth understanding of healthcare delivery and those who can employ best practices in healthcare management.
Earning an online degree in Healthcare Management at Southern New Hampshire University gives you broad exposure to critical healthcare management topics and a real-world understanding of their applications.

Healthcare Management Job Opportunities

Earn your Healthcare Management degree online and you will have the knowledge required to step into a professional or supervisory role in healthcare.  Your deep understanding of the healthcare delivery system could position you for jobs such as a health services manager, medical services administrator, community health manager, health policy analyst, health unit manager, long-term care administrator, health promotion specialist and a host of other health-related management positions.

With your online Healthcare Management degree, you could seek positions at hospitals, physician offices, long-term care facilities, ambulatory care facilities, behavioral health organizations, governmental healthcare agencies and other healthcare-related organizations.

Develop Your Skills with Online Healthcare Management Degree

Your comprehensive studies of healthcare management at SNHU will broaden your understanding of healthcare delivery systems and effective practices for improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery. At the conclusion of your studies, you should be able to:

  • Understand the U.S. healthcare system, including its organization, structure, delivery modalities, performance and terminology.
  • Work collaboratively in virtual and "face to face" team environments comprised of stakeholders across clinical, administrative and other healthcare professionals.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of healthcare reimbursements, maintaining accurate financial records, budgeting, analyzing variance and identifying financial opportunities and risks.
  • Understand the legal, regulatory, and ethical considerations of the U.S. healthcare delivery system and how they impact collection, storage, and use of information.
  • Explain common "best practice" solutions to strategic, tactical, and operational issues in managing healthcare through the use of information and organizational knowledge.
  • Understand continuous improvement processes and barriers in a healthcare setting.
  • Create simple, data-driven action plans that are based on the attainment of measurable results, clear trails of accountability, and all appropriate risk assessment.
  • Understand the application of management skills in first-line supervision and coaching at the department or unit level to effectively lead teams across a variety of healthcare environments.

Careers in Healthcare Management

Access helpful resources on careers in healthcare management and professional associations related to healthcare management.

Career Opportunities

U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Handbook - Medical and Health Services Managers
Get information on healthcare management careers and related positions.

American College of Healthcare Executives
This Internet resource guide will assist you in exploring healthcare management careers and provide you with information for more informed career decisions.

Professional Associations

American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management
The American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management is the premier professional organization in healthcare administrative management. AAHAM's mission is to provide education, certification, networking, and advocacy for healthcare revenue cycle professionals.

American Medical Association
View AMA information on health information management careers and education requirements.

Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management
The AHRMM of the American Hospital Association is the premier organization for healthcare supply
chain and materials management professionals. AHRMM strengthens the nation's healthcare supply chain by providing leadership, education, networking, and industry-specific resources to advance the field and enhance the professional development of its individual members.

Healthcare Financial Management Association
HFMA is the leading membership organization for healthcare financial management executives and leaders. HFMA is a respected thought leader on top trends and issues facing the healthcare industry.

Professional Association of Health Care Office Management
PAHCOM provides support for small group and solo physician practice managers and opportunities for professional growth in healthcare management careers.

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