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Business Studies - International Business Online Degree from SNHU

Is the International Business Online Degree Program Right for You?

If you are interested in making a mark on the global marketplace, consider the BS in International Business online degree program from SNHU. It is essential for today's managers to have a deep understanding of the different political, cultural, financial, marketing and management systems that drive international business activities in the United States and abroad.

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Why the BS in International Business Online Degree Program at SNHU?

As a private, affordable nonprofit accredited university, SNHU focuses on ensuring you have the necessary skills to succeed. The International Business online degree focuses on developing professionals skilled in the global marketplace. Whether you enroll online or through any of our regional campuses in a blended format, you will benefit from an SNHU education:

  • Quality education at one of the most affordable tuition rates available
  • Choose how you want to learn: online, campus-based or a combination
  • International business faculty with a wealth of real-world business expertise
  • Students obtain the skills and knowledge they need to take the Certified Global Business Professional exam and for further study at the master's and doctoral levels
  • 24/7/365 access to class – attend when it is most convenient for you

International Business Online Degree Program Focus

The International Business online degree program combines international business courses with a broad business education. At SNHU, you can focus completely on international business as your core study area, whereas most universities infuse it into their general business programs.

International Business Employment Opportunities

Completion of the International Business online degree or through one of our five New England-based campuses opens career opportunities in a number of fields. Opportunities for those with international business skills are significant. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment among management analysts is expected to grow 22 percent from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations. Driving this increase, in part, is growth in international business.

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Transfer of Credit

If you're a student who wants to transfer to SNHU or if you simply want to finish what you’ve started, we try to make transferring as easy as possible. We will accept up to 90 transferred academic credits and we automatically complete an official credit evaluation as part of the application review process.

International Business Online Degree
Program Curriculum

Students taking SNHU's Business Studies International Business online degree program or through one of our campuses, benefit from a curriculum offering a combination of general business, international and elective courses

Required Core Courses

International Business (BS) Online Major Courses

INT-316: Cultural & Political Environment of International Business
This course introduces students to such primary cultural factors as religion, language, values, technology, social organization and political environment that affect U.S. firms doing business outside of the United States. Students learn the significance of identifying and assessing the importance of these factors so they can more effectively manage in the international environment. A variety of international environments will be studied. The course uses text, cases and exercises. Global marker.
INT-400: International Business Project
This course is designed for those students who are pursuing a major and those that have definite interest in carrying out a career in International Business as well as those who seek to broaden their knowledge in the field. Explicitly, the course will introduce students to the contemporary issues and challenges faced by managers of Multinational Corporations in the International Business setting. The course will give students the opportunity to work in teams by focusing on a practical approach to learning. It will provide students with skills that can facilitate their entry into a job market in International Business or related field at various levels of expertise.

INT ELE - Students may select five (5) International Business electives

Select Three of the Following:

ACC-312: International Managerial Accounting
The study of foreign currencies and exchange risk management, global organization and control, planning and performance evaluation in multinational enterprises, multinational taxation, global financial statement analysis, and transparency and disclosure in global environment to gain an appreciation and understanding of international managerial accounting. The above studies will relate to international accounting and reporting considerations, standards, and responsibilities. Global marker.
ECO-322: International Economics
International Economics develops and explores alternative explanations for the determinants of international trade and financial flows. Emphasis is placed on analyzing the cause and effect of such international phenomena as trade patterns, factor mobility, direct and portfolio investment, multinational corporations, balance of payments disequilibria, and government trade and exchange controls. The course highlights the interdependence of nation-states in the world economy and the development of national policies that are designed to alter or control the pattern of international trade and investment. Global marker.
ECO-201 and ECO-202
OL-215: Principles of Management
This course is designed to examine the fundamentals and principles of management in order to develop an understanding of management in any formal organization. Special attention is paid to planning and decision-making. International management is also covered. Offered every semester. Writing Intensive Course.
UC: ENG-10, ENG-120, ENG-121H or ENG-200; ADB-125

Any Language elective with the LAR, LFR, LMN, or LSP prefix
*Students may choose up to two (2) Language courses.

Free Elective Credits: 15

Total Credits: 120

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