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Earn your Social Media Marketing degree online

Embrace your audiences where they are - earn a social media marketing degree online and learn to leverage new media to introduce brands to new customers and build loyalty and revenue. Like a bachelor's in social media marketing, SNHU's Social Media Concentration explores traditional marketing theory and strategy and the application of new best practices to the frontier of user-driven marketing.

The B.S. in Marketing interweaves social media theory and practice with traditional marketing strategy. By choosing the concentration in Social Media, students dive deeper into the ever-evolving and high-growth online social media marketing environment. Students learn how to target and engage online communities, growing them and using them to spread brand messaging to new audiences.

Why study Social Media Marketing at SNHU?

Within the broad field of marketing, a Social Media Marketing degree online stands out as a specialization that businesses are just beginning to tap into. As one of the first universities to offer a degree program that focuses on this new media, SNHU offers students the opportunity to gain expertise in this emerging field. Instructors are well-versed in the practical execution of social media strategy. In addition to the courses that specifically relate to the online social world, new media is deeply integrated into the core course work of the BS in Marketing program.

According to Dr. Patricia Spirou, SNHU Marketing Department faculty member, "Social Media Marketing is the most sought-after skill in companies today. SNHU's Social Media Marketing concentration for the BS in Marketing will not only expose students to the strategic aspect of both marketing and social media, but also the development, implementation and evaluation of those strategic initiatives which will assist companies in becoming more 'engaged' with their consumers."

SNHU's Social Media Marketing degree online concentration presents a broad knowledge base, providing access to the theory, history and application of using social media in a marketing context. Students in the Social Media Marketing program at SNHU learn to engage and enhance the brand experience while strengthening the relationship between customer and product.

Careers for Social Media Marketing degrees

The use of social media is growing at a rapid pace - in the past year, Facebook has grown by more than 100 million users. Those users share more than 7 billion pieces of content weekly. More importantly for students considering a career in social media marketing, companies are using more new media than ever before:

  • 60 percent use Twitter,
  • 33 percent utilize YouTube
  • 70 percent employ Facebook to communicate with their customers.
  • 96 percent plan to spend more money on marketing through social media.

With this use comes a need for experts who understand how to best to use this new media. In addition to the growth of marketing, public relations and advertising positions (all of which will require a deep understanding of social media), the industry has created a demand for new positions:

  • social media strategist
  • digital strategist
  • community manager
  • social media marketing specialist
  • search engine marketing associate

A social media marketing degree from SNHU will prepare you for where the marketing discipline is going - get ahead of the curve.

Social Media Marketing Concentration Courses

MKT-355: Social Media Marketing Strategy
This course will develop the students' ability to effectively and successfully create, and implement a social media marketing campaign and evaluate as well as measure its success. Intensive skill building will be placed on creating, applying and integrating the appropriate social media tool that will enable marketers to build high-value relationships with their constituencies. The course will focus on key elements such as determining and matching social media tactics with the appropriate target market and developing strategies to engage those markets using relevant social media channels.
COM-310 or MKT-229
MKT-455: Social Media Marketing Campaigns
This course will develop the students' ability to effectively and successfully create and implement a social media marketing campaign and evaluate as well as measure its success. Intensive skill building will be placed on creating, applying and integrating the appropriate social media tools to meet the marketing objectives of the organization. The course will focus on key elements such as, a) audience, b) campaign objectives, c) strategic plan, d) tactics, e) tools, and f) metrics to measure the campaign.

Select One of the Following:

COM-310: Social Media
Twitter, Facebook, blogs, podcasts - the possibilities of social media today are countless and ever-changing. This course is a broad approach to the history, theory, technology, impact and strategic uses of social media. These tools are relatively inexpensive and accessible technologies that enable anyone to create, publish, edit and access messages intended for the smallest to the largest of audiences. Students will examine the strategic uses of social media for community building, civic and political participation, advertising, marketing, public relations, and journalism. This course provides hands-on experience with the most current technology.
ENG-121 or ENG-200
MKT-229: Principles of Integrated Marketing Communications
This course is designed to give students an understanding of advertising, public relations, corporate communications and sales promotions and the role that the media plays in integrated marketing communications strategies. This course focuses on the planning, research and creative skills needed to reach IMC objectives. Writing intensive course.

Students also may choose any three (3) courses with the MKT prefix, ADV-263, ADV-340, QSO-330, or any ADV/FMK/MKT/RET internships.

Free Elective Credits: 15

Total Credits: 120

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