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Calculate Your Future with an Online Degree in Math

If you have a genuine interest in mathematics, the online degree in math at Southern New Hampshire University could be a stimulating learning experience. The online math degree fosters an appreciation of the role mathematics has played in society, from early times through the modern technological age.

When you earn your BA in Mathematics online at SNHU, you will develop an advanced ability in mathematical methods, reasoning, and problem solving in three main areas of math: analysis, algebra and statistics. In addition to a broad base of mathematical knowledge, you will become proficient in communicating about math, both orally and in writing. This degree prepares you for careers that are not only versatile and command high salaries, but also have a high degree of job satisfaction.

Expand Your Skills Exponentially with an Online Degree in Math

Working on your math degree online at SNHU gives you a solid grasp of mathematics as it relates to business, natural sciences and social sciences. During your studies you will gain an understanding of:

  • How to solve real-world problems involving calculus, including integration, variables, trigonometric functions, differential equations, Taylor polynomials and infinite series.
  • Direct, contrapositive, contradiction and induction methods of proof, as well as the relationship between problem-solving and the process of proving.
  • Applying statistical techniques to a variety of applications in business and the social sciences, including probability distribution functions, sampling distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing and linear regression.
  • Mathematical topics related to the design, programming, and application of computers: propositional logic, number systems, algorithms and pseudocode, encryption, matrix manipulation, combinatorics and other topics.
  • Regression analysis and related topics, using SPSS or similar software.
  • Applied linear algebra and matrices topics in order to model applied mathematics problems in business, science, computer science and economics.
  • Basic real analysis, addressing the transition from computational to theoretical calculus, with an emphasis on problem solving and proof writing.

Advantages of an Online Degree in Math at SNHU

An affordable Bachelor’s in Mathematics online from a private, accredited, nonprofit university

  • Choose how you want to learn: take courses online or a combination of online and face-to-face courses
  • Transfer up to 90 credits toward your undergraduate degree in mathematics
  • Small class sizes
  • Accomplished faculty with strong academic credentials and years of teaching experience
  • 24/7 access to our online virtual campus for maximum convenience and flexibility

Earn a Math Degree Online from a
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Whether you take all classes for your math degree online or take some in the classroom, you earn the same BA degree in math. Southern New Hampshire University is at the leading edge of online education, offering high quality online courses. Our online degree programs have won regional and national awards. The university is a fully accredited and respected institution with more than 80 years of experience in graduating highly successful leaders and professionals. Earn a math degree online from a university you can be proud of, for less than you might expect.

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