MEd in Secondary English Education - Careers

Excellent Classroom Preparation

The Master of Education in Secondary English Education degree makes you well equipped for a career in English education in public or private schools. Your undergraduate degree in English or literature, coupled with your Secondary English Education MEd career aspirations and student teaching experience, will give you the skills you need to start a successful career as a teacher of literature, writing, reading, grammar and linguistics.

Enhance Your Skills

Your MEd in Secondary English Education degree will add a range of teaching skills to your knowledge of your subject area. During your master's program you will be exposed to education theories and practices that will prepare you for your student teaching practicum and careers in teaching. Learn about:

  • History and current issues in secondary education
  • Methods of teaching English to middle and high school students
  • Effective curriculum development and assessment
  • Developmentally appropriate teaching for secondary students
  • Techniques for teaching in an inclusive classroom
  • Reading comprehension and vocabulary development
  • Reading and writing of literature and expository writing
  • Integration of literature in middle school and high school curriculums
  • How to use technology to enhance student learning and achievement

Careers in Secondary English Education

The job market for secondary English education careers is very competitive, as this is an attractive teaching position. Students with a master's degree can set themselves apart in a competitive market.  Secondary English teaching candidates will possess a wide range of subject matter expertise and excellent teaching skills for a variety of student-learning styles to further increase marketability and success in teaching and teaching-related careers. Earning a General Education Special Education certification can increase your marketability and ability to teach in an inclusive classroom.

The annual median wages of secondary school teachers in 2010 ranged from $51,960 to $53,230, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Holding a master's degree in secondary English typically increases a teacher’s salary, as does working with students in after-school activities.

Resources - Start Your Secondary School
English Career

Access helpful resources on secondary English teaching jobs and teaching careers at the following
web links:

Career Opportunities
SNHU Career Development Center
Learn about SNHU career planning and development assistance.

U.S. Department of Labor, Educational Services Occupational Outlook, 2010-2011
View the latest information on recommended education and training, teaching job prospects, and expected earnings of those in the education field, including for those seeking secondary English
teaching jobs.

Professional Organizations and Associations
National Council for Teachers of English
NCTE promotes the development of literacy, the use of language to construct personal and public worlds and to achieve full participation in society, through the learning and teaching of English and the related arts and sciences of language.

New England Association of Teachers of English
NEATE fosters professional growth activities for teachers of English in the New England region.

International Reading Association
The mission of the International Reading Association is to promote reading by continuously advancing the quality of literacy instruction and research worldwide.

National Education Association
The mission of the NEA is to advocate for education professionals and to unite members and the nation to fulfill the promise of public education to prepare every student to succeed in a diverse and
interdependent world.

National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
Through the process of professional accreditation of schools, colleges, and departments of education, NCATE works to make a difference in the quality of teaching, teachers, school specialists
and administrators.

New Hampshire Department of Education
The NHDOE is committed to helping students, parents, and educators (including teachers, principals, superintendents, and school communities) meet the educational needs of each student.

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