Isaac Arevalo

"My professors have worked with me on deadlines whenever I have to travel, and answer every question I have."

Since the beginning of my military career, I was pushed by both my family and my first officer in charge, Chief Lehmann, to strive towards higher education. Before becoming an active duty member of the United States Coast Guard, I was a lost eighteen-year-old in college, only having completed a handful of courses before joining the service. Within the service I found my calling to be an Information Systems Technician, and finally found the drive to complete my associate degree in computer IT.

My education service officer, Mr. Bloomquist, told me about SNHU, and I wasted no time calling the university to apply. My first advisor, Ms. Warren, was informative, helpful and outstandingly professional. I had spoken to other schools before and did not receive such an enthusiastic call as I did from Ms. Warren. Before I knew it, upon my acceptance to SNHU, she had me up and running for my first courses. Now, my new advisor, Ms. Escobar, has overseen the final steps, ensuring everything is in place for my degree completion.

Without the guidance of these two advisors, I certainly wouldn't have been able to accomplish my goal so easily. While getting my associate degree may seem like a miniscule goal to some, for me it has been a life changer. My associate degree will open doors both outside and inside the Coast Guard, and I am determined to look into all of them.

With ten courses under my belt, I have to admit I had the privilege of learning under great professors. Online school is extremely challenging. Eight weeks is an extremely fast pace for anyone in my position. All my professors have worked with me on deadlines whenever I have to travel, and answer every question I have throughout my courses.

I also had the help and support of my wife Diana. Without her push at home, I may have thrown in the towel half-way through. As I complete my associate degree I am looking into bachelor’s programs. I intend to complete the master’s level of education.

I apply what I have learned at school to my everyday tasks at work as a technician and to my own unique style of management as a supervisor. My degree has complimented my work and I will continue to push forward, as I have aspirations to become a Coast Guard C4IT commissioned officer. As an officer, I will continue my education and work my way through the officer ranks, changing the way our service conducts IT business. I hope to stay with the Coast Guard for a full twenty-year career, or beyond. The day I hang the blue-suit, I hope to teach and pass on so much that has been given to me.