Larry Dickens

"I have recommended the school to many people and I will continue to do so."

I am about to finish my second master's degree program with SNHU. In 2013, I obtained a master's in organizational leadership, and I just finished my last two classes in the justice studies program.

This journey began after many fits and starts. It is something I should have done years ago—but that doesn't take away from the feeling of accomplishment. If anything, it enhances it. I worked a full-time, stressful job in a prison, took two classes each term, and after obtaining my first master's, I started teaching online for another school. It was quite a pace, but so very much worth it.

I was lucky to be assigned to Danijela Bjelogrlic as my academic advisor. Dr. LeBlanc, SNHU has a gem in this person. She has, of course, guided me in course selection, but she has also gone above and beyond by encouraging me when I was about to give up, by responding to questions efficiently and promptly, and by always taking the time to make sure all is well. Danijela, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you are aware of the special place you occupy in students' lives. I have grown to believe very much in SNHU's mission to bring quality education to its students. I have recommended the school to many people and I will continue to do so. I wish very much that there were an online Ph.D. program because it is certain that I will miss my association with this university. I want very much to teach online for SNHU — and I will keep trying to do so, because I respect the university and would work hard to uphold its reputation for quality academics. I will soon begin a doctorate program at another university, and I look forward to that challenge very much.

It is SNHU that has prepared me for this next major step in my life, one that I could never have undertaken without SNHU. I would be remiss if I didn't thank some very important people whose moral support and belief in me kept me headed toward my goals. My dear friend Cheryl — you never stopped believing. I am forever grateful. James, your sense of humor and willingness to listen to me when I needed an ear is sincerely acknowledged. My colleague, Tracey: you, too, believed in me and provided so much encouragement. I'm so pleased that we'll be teaching together soon. And, to Dr. LeBlanc and all the faculty with whom I've studied during my time with Southern New Hampshire University: Thank you. Please continue to care for your students, and remember that it is only through your response to their needs that SNHU will continue to have success stories.