Maryna Shuliakouskaya

MBA Marketing, Class of 2014

"By earning a degree, you’re turning on that navigation and telling yourself, this is where I’m heading."

My name is Maryna, I moved from Belarus to the United States and I graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with my MBA in Marketing.

Back in 2014 I was able to open my own business.

I’m a business owner, owning a couple of coffee shops here in the state of Maine.

My instructors at SNHU were very knowledgeable…because they had real life experience.

I liked the fact that my professors were very knowledgeable and experienced. I like that they didn’t just use the books, I like that they use real life examples, and I was able to take their examples and implement them in to my own business.

I don’t think people should stop learning.

You stop learning you stop living, that’s what I say.

As long as you are determined to graduate, you’ll have support all the way through.

I think a degree will help you be more confident in your life.

One thing that I can definitely do better now than before is to be able to motivate and inspire people.

Education is very valuable.

Everything could be taken away from you…but you never can loose your education. Education will always stay with you no matter what happens.

I don’t usually look back, I look forward. I always tell people, forget what happened to you in the past.

So I started as a dishwasher, and those were probably the most challenging years of my life moving from a foreign country, having a degree back home and being a dishwasher here. But I knew what I wanted to achieve. I just knew I didn’t have the skills yet to be there. And that’s why I worked really hard; I studied really hard, to be where I am today.

You have to plan and you have to have a vision. By earning a degree, you’re turning on that navigation and telling yourself, this is where I’m heading.