Tosha Thompson

"My advisors and instructors have been wonderful through this first term."

When my husband and I got married three years ago, our lives began to spiral downward, despite how we tried to stop it. We lost our home, our daughter, and our jobs. We were homeless for two years, and it was extremely rough. We lived without the bare necessities and still made it work, but only barely. After finding out I was pregnant again, we decided it was time to really put everything we had out there, selling everything we owned, working five jobs between the two of us. We finally got out of a bad situation and into a real apartment in a safe place. Things were looking up for us and the pregnancy went on without a hitch. Six months after our son was born, my husband lost his job again; because of our struggles before, we knew just how to make things last. My husband has really been my rock through our entire marriage and he's very supportive of me going back to school. He's actually going now, too!

It's been almost a year since we were able to pull ourselves out of a terrible situation, and though we aren't exactly living the high life, we are making it work. My advisors and instructors have been wonderful through this first term, and I'm very excited to continue working with them as I progress. I've wanted to go back to school for years, and now I have the chance! If I can do this, after enduring everything that I have, I strongly believe that anyone can.