Academic Advising (Manchester Campus)

At Southern New Hampshire University, we believe there are no limits to what you can achieve. Your academic advisor will help you as you strive to reach your educational goals.

Your academic advisor will help you identify opportunities, challenges and consequences of your academic and career decisions.  Together you will clarify and develop your academic plan. Your advisor will offer support and encouragement and steer you to campus resources as needed. Your advisor will help you find internship and career opportunities, and encourage you to take advantage of the many opportunities the university offers, such as study abroad, service learning, the Honors Program and more.

Academic Advising Office Mission Statement

The undergraduate day Academic Advising Office assists and supports students and academic advisors as they collaboratively define and develop educational goals and an academic plan consistent with the student’s personal, career, and life goals.

The office’s mission parallels SNHU's mission. We recognize the ultimate responsibility for making decisions about educational plans rests with the individual student. However, we also believe academic advising is a shared responsibility between the students and their academic advisors. Advisors work closely with and assist students to identify and assess the opportunities, challenges, and consequences of their academic and career  decisions. We are committed to providing an integrated program of academic advising and support services to help students realize and achieve their respective goals.

The Goals of Academic Advising

  • Help students identify their interests, abilities, and educational and career goals.
  • Assist students with clarifying and developing an academic plan consistent with the students’ educational and career goals.
  • Support and encourage students as they strive to achieve academic, career, and personal success.
  • Assist students in identifying cooperative education experiences and career opportunities.
  • Identify and refer students to campus resources as needed.
  • Assist students with understanding and interpreting university academic policies and procedures.
  • Encourage students to explore and take advantage of the educational and co-curricular opportunities available at SNHU such as the study abroad program, honors program, service learning, etc.
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Academic Advising (Manchester Campus)

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