Meet Pro Soccer Player and SNHU Online Student Kelyn Rowe

My name is Kelyn Rowe, and I play professional soccer for Major League Soccer. I'm also an online student at Southern New Hampshire University, pursuing my Bachelor of Arts in Communication online.

My life is a little unpredictable. I can be on a plane one weekend and home in 24 hours. It's really hard to be on campus with that kind of schedule. Taking courses online and on my own schedule gives me the flexibility I need to earn my degree and still do the things I love, on and off the field.

What I want to do with my degree is work in the philanthropy side of professional sports. In my six years as a pro, I've been involved in many different charities, with a focus on pediatric cancer. A lot of athletes want to have their own charity or want to get involved in other charities, but they don't know where to start.

I'd love to start a business that connects pro athletes with charitable organizations, so they can immerse themselves in the community in charitable ways. I want to be the guy that helps them meet the right people, go to the right events and work toward what they believe in.

As pro athletes, we need to have a plan for life after sports, and, for me, that's finishing my college degree and using it toward a future in philanthropy.

Kelyn Rowe and his dad posing for a photo. Before every game I play - since I was 10 years old - my father tells me, "There are three things that you can always do. You can always have fun. You can always be creative. And you can always, always work harder than the person next to you."

A JoyJar assembled by SNHU students

Students Assemble JoyJars to Bring Brighter Moments to Cancer Patients

When people come together for a common cause, great things happen. It’s why New England Revolution midfielder and SNHU student Kelyn Rowe continually answers the call to help others.

Kelyn Rowe running through a soccer field.

MLS’ Kelyn Rowe: Education is Going to ‘Further My Life’

Like most SNHU students, Kelyn Rowe has to juggle his priorities. The New England Revolution midfielder plays soccer in the morning and attends events in the afternoon, limiting time for classwork. But Rowe has goals that involve earning his BA in Communication: “That’s going to further my life.”

Kelyn Row eating.

Chef in Training

I love cooking for groups of people. It may take me four or five hours to do, but for me, those four or five hours cooking in the kitchen and on the barbecue is heaven.

Kelyn Rowe having fun being an uncle.

Adoring Uncle

I recently became an uncle. When Brighton is in the room, all eyes are on him. I'm no longer the favorite child (that's a little disappointing), but we spoil him like no one's business.

Kelyn Rowe Volunteering in his community.

Dedicated Volunteer

I do volunteer work with pediatric cancer. These kids see me as a role model, so I want to make a positive impact in their world, which sometimes isn't so positive.

Kelyn Rowe juggling a soccer ball.

Kelyn Rowe Balances Soccer and Career Goals

Soccer star. Online student. Kelyn Rowe’s life is a juggling act – just like so many others at SNHU.