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Find your Admission Counselor

Admission counselors at SNHU specialize in academic programs or geographic areas. It's often possible to meet us in your area; we make extensive visits to high schools and college fairs each year to meet with students and school counselors.

We hope to see you "on the road"!

Contact the Office of Admission if you have any questions.

Specific Programs

All Honors Program Students: Dr. Lowell C. Mathews
All Full-time Transfer Students: Transfer
All Full-time Military Veteran Students: Monique Almeida
All Advantage Students - Salem Students: Nicole Monahan

Freshman Admission Counselors by Geographic Region

Connecticut: Jessica Gallant 

Maine: Jason Blanchard

Berkshire County: Samantha O'Loughlin
Boston area: Rob Cuzzi
Bristol: Jackie Tremblay
The Cape: Jackie Tremblay
Cambridge: Rob Cuzzi
Concord: Rob Cuzzi
Essex County: Jason Blanchard
Fitchburg: Amanda Flores
Franklin County: Samantha O'Loughlin
Hampshire County: Samantha O'Loughlin
Islands: Jackie Tremblay
Lexington: Rob Cuzzi
Lowell: Rob Cuzzi
Milton: Rob Cuzzi
Norton: Jackie Tremblay
Plymouth: Jackie Tremblay
Quincy: Jackie Tremblay
Springfield County: Samantha O'Loughlin
Waltham: Rob Cuzzi
Wellesley: Rob Cuzzi
Worcester: Rob Cuzzi

New Hampshire
Monadnock/Lake Sunapee: Amanda Flores
Lakes/White Mountains: Amanda Flores
Seacoast Area: Jason Blanchard
Merrimack County: Brittany Flannery, Lauren Maynard, and Samantha O'Loughlin

New Jersey
Jessica Gallant

New York
Jessica Gallant

Rhode Island
Jessica Gallant

Amanda Flores

All Other States
Jackie Tremblay