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SNHU Campus Transfer Credit Database

At SNHU, our goal is to make the transfer process as simple and straightforward as possible. You worked hard for those credits, and we think you should be able to keep them!

To make it even easier to determine which credits will transfer to SNHU, we've teamed up with CollegeSource to build a Transfer Evaluation System (TES) database that cross-references our courses with yours. Please note that, while this database is kept as up-to-date as possible, it is subject to revision and does not guarantee that a given course will transfer. The database is intended to be a helpful starting point to give you a general idea of the credits that may transfer to SNHU.

Please contact the Office of Transfer Admission at 603.645.9687 with specific transfer credit questions or to verify your personal transfer credit situation - our team of dedicated counselors is always able to help!

To see the potential transfer equivalency of a course, simply scroll down to find the school at which you have previously taken courses. Once you click the link to that school, you can check to see which credits may be accepted by SNHU.