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Finance & Economics Faculty

Bill Lightfoot

Bill Lightfoot Ph.D.

Dean (School of Business)

Dr. Bill Lightfoot brings to the table over 15 years of global senior leadership experience, including seven years overseas in multicultural organizations. He most recently served as Managing Director of Village Inc. Africa, where he developed a new business model for driving economic development in rural communities. He has also served as Dean of Brenau University’s College of Business and Mass Communication and as Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, Institutional Advancement, and Strategic Planning at the International University of Monaco.

Dr. Lightfoot earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Bucknell University before moving on to earn his MBA in General Management from the University of North Carolina. He also earned his Ph.D. in Organization and Management from Capella University and possesses a CCMP (Certified Change Management Professional) Certificate from the Association of Chance Management Professionals.

Bulent Aybar

Bülent Aybar

Professor of International Finance

Dr. Bülent Aybar is a professor of international finance and a Fulbright US Scholar. Dr. Aybar’s main teaching and research interests are in international corporate finance, international business, and emerging markets. His current research work includes empirical analysis of various aspects of emerging market multinationals, cross-border mergers and acquisitions and risk management in Emerging Market context. His doctoral level teaching focuses on Multinational Corporate Finance, Economic Reform, and Growth in Emerging Markets.

Dr. Aybar is an active researcher and frequent participant in academic and professional forums in his field. His publications appeared in refereed journals such as Journal of International Business Studies, Multinational Business Review, Emerging Markets Review, and International Review of Financial Analysis.  Dr. Aybar is a member of Academy of International Business, European International Business Academy and, European Finance Association.  Dr. Aybar regularly serves as a referee for journals such as Journal of Multinational Financial Management, Global Finance Journal, Multinational Finance Journal, Emerging Markets Review, Journal of International Business Studies, International Business Review, Journal of World Business, European Management Review and Thunderbird Review of International Business. Dr. Aybar has taught at Harvard Summer School, Augsburg University of Applied, Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology, US Business School in Prague Azerbaijan State University of Economics, and Istanbul University. He regularly teaches short seminars in graduate programs in the U.S. and abroad.

Steven Gallaher

Steven Gallaher

Associate Professor

Dr. Steven Gallaher received his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Texas in 1990, his Master of Business Administration in Finance in 1999 and his Doctor of Philosophy in Finance from University of Texas at Austin in 2011.

''Advertising and Mutual Funds, From Families to Individual Funds" by Steven Gallaher, Ron Kaniel, and Laura Starks was awarded the TCW Best Paper Award, 2010 China International Conference in Finance. (July 7, 2010).

Gallaher is a member of the University Committee on the Faculty and is the chairman of the School of Business Curriculum Committee.

Mahboubul Hassan

Mahboubul Hassan


Dr. Mahboubul Hassan joined SNHU in 1985 and is a professor of Finance and Economics. Prior to SNHU, Hassan was an assistant professor at the Institute of Business Administration, Dhaka University, Bangladesh. Hassan worked as a consultant for UNICEF and as a program officer for the United Nations Development Program.

Hassan received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics, his Master of Business Administration in Finance from Dhaka University, Bangladesh, his Master of Arts in Political Economy from Boston University and his Doctor of Business Administration in Management from Nova Southeastern University, Florida.

In 2000, Hassan received SNHU’s Excellence in Teaching Award. He was nominated in 2000 for an Edie’s Award (NH’s Excellence in Teaching for Higher Education).

Hassan has numerous publications and presentations including, ''Food Security and Climate Change in Bangladesh'' (with Ahmadul Hassan, Anushila Mazumder and Tamim Al Hossain) to be presented at Climate Change Seminar in 2012; ''Efficacy of Policies and the Claremont Lawsuit in the State of New Hampshire,'' presented at the Oxford Round Table, Harris Manchester College, Oxford University, England, July 2007; and ''Trade Balances, Economic Growth and Linkages to Multinational Business Foreign Direct Investment to Asia'' (with Massood Samii), presented and included in the Proceedings of the Academy of International Business Northeast 2001 Conference at the University of Scranton, PA, June 2001.

Hassan is a member of the Academy of International Business. An active member of the community, he received the State of New Hampshire Dr. Martin Luther King Peace Award in 2007.

Bo Liu

Bo Liu Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Bo Liu is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Southern New Hampshire University. He holds an LL.B. at School of Law from Peking University in China before he earned his M.S. in International Business from SNHU. He also received his M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University. He is bilingual, fluent in both English and Mandarin. He teaches Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Macroeconomics, International Economics, Public finance at SNHU.

His research interests focus on the interaction among Environmental Economics, Labor Economics, Urban Economics, and Behavioral Economics. His current research projects include blending environmental, economic in an examination of the connection between climate change and labor productivities and a filed experiment to examine the Dunning-Kroger Effect in the intro-level Economics classes. His research has been published in the Journal of Urban Economics and Southwestern Economics Review.


Gregory Randolph

Dr. Gregory Randolph

Professor (Finance and Economics) | Department Chair (Finance and Economics)

Dr. Greg Randolph is a Professor of Economics at Southern New Hampshire University. He received his bachelor's degree in finance with an economics minor at Grove City College in Grove City, PA. He completed his Ph.D. in economics at West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV.

His primary research field of interest is public economics. Greg's current research projects include examining the impact of federal regulations, evaluating the criminal justice system, and exploring the use of media to teach introductory economics courses. Previous research projects include examining the voter initiative process, special interest group activity, and price discrimination. Recent publications include articles in the Journal of Institutional Economics, Business and Politics, and Economics and Politics. He is also the co-editor of Entrepreneurial Action, Public Policy, and Economic Outcomes (Edgar Elgar, 2014) and Public Policy, Productive and Unproductive Entrepreneurship (Edward Elgar, 2017) with Robert Salvino and Michael Tasto.

Michael Tasto

Dr. Michael Tasto

Professor (Finance and Economics)

Dr. Michael Tasto is an assistant professor of finance and economics. His primary research field of interest is urban and regional economics.

Dr. Tasto has been an Excellence in Teaching Nominee at SNHU in 2009 and 2010. He received his Bachelor of Science in Economics from St. John’s University in 2001, his Master of Arts in Economics in 2006 and his Doctor of Philosophy in Economics in 2007 from Georgia State University. Dr. Tasto has given numerous presentations and published journal articles including a co-authored article in Economic and Politics, ''Special Interest Group Formation in the US: Do Special Interest Groups Mirror the Success of their Spatial Neighbors?'' His current research projects include examining the spatial analysis of competition by states to recruit firms and the median voter hypothesis using non-parametric estimation.

Dr. Tasto is currently a member of the Urban and Regional Economics Association, the National Tax Association and Association for Prive Enterprise Education.

Gary Tripp

Gary Tripp

Associate Professor

Dr. Gary Tripp has been with SNHU since 1996 and previously taught in the Department of Economics at The College of the Holy Cross.

Tripp received his Bachelor of Science in Economics from Nichols College, his Master in Arts in Economics from Pennsylvania State University and his Doctor of Philosophy from Clark University.  His areas of academic interest include macroeconomics and public finance. Tripp's teaching responsibilities at SNHU include graduate-level economics and finance courses. He has also served as chairperson of the Department of Finance and Economics since 1999.

Tripp is a member of the American Economics Association and the American Finance Association.

Publications include, Tripp, G. (2005). "Balance of Trade of the United States" (2nd edition) Encyclopedia of Business and Finance.