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Schools at SNHU

School of Business

Imagine running a global corporation ... launching a new microbusiness ... or developing a rewarding niche for yourself in today's dynamic business world. Where in business do you want to go? At SNHU, we'll help you get there.

We offer a full range of undergraduate, masters and doctoral programs. Each has an eye to the modern business world, and many share a global outlook. All programs incorporate cutting-edge technology, and many are offered online or at night and on weekends through SNHU's continuing education locations. Our 60 full-time faculty members bring plenty of practical experience to class-but teaching is their first priority.

Outside of class, you'll get great career preparation through internships, and you'll experience a real-world, functioning stock exchange at our Center for Financial Studies. At SNHU, we prepare you to go far.

Why Study Business at SNHU?

The Faculty

Each of our 60 full-time professors has a doctorate or equivalent professional qualifications. Each continues to learn outside the classroom through research, consulting, writing, and practical experience. Each goes the extra mile-both in and out of class. More about the faculty.

The Curriculum

With 15 undergraduate majors, nine graduate programs, a doctoral program, and a wealth of certificate programs, SNHU will help you go places. Each program focuses on 10 core competencies-ranging from global orientation to leadership to strategic approach-to prepare you for success wherever you go.

The Locations

You can take classes in Manchester, Portsmouth, your office, Starbucks, Nashua, the airport, or your living room. Our education locations offer evening and weekend classes, and SNHU Online offers classes wherever there's an Internet connection.

The Future

Plan to go far. With our help, you'll be ready. Our focus on practical experience includes internships and learning experiences that let you apply what you're learning to actual business challenges, and a Center for Financial Studies where you can learn from state-of-the-art resources.

School of Education

The School of Education is designed to provide an excellent education and exemplify the high quality of service that tomorrow's educators and community leaders will need to help their communities.

We will work with you so you can learn how to make a difference in your community--whether you want to teach, lead a school (or start one of your own), or create change outside the school system.

Our faculty have decades of experience as educational leaders and classroom teachers. Our diverse programs provide theoretical foundations and practical experience in a wide range of educational and social service professions. Our graduates are trained in the latest technologies so they're qualified to develop and deliver cutting-edge curricula and services.

Here in Southern New Hampshire University's School of Education, we believe that education is a way of life. It's a community process. It's about creating leaders. Most of all, it's about excellence in education, and providing high quality service.

Why Study Education at SNHU?

The Curriculum

In Southern New Hampshire University's School of Education, we base our classes, our programs and our degrees on our Conceptual Frameworks:

Theory into Practice: The School of Education is committed to preparing students who turn theory into practice through application of learned strategies and innovative technologies. We recognize the complex dynamics of the human experience and will strive to be sensitive and responsive to the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of those we serve. 

Reflective Practitioners: The School of Education is committed to developing reflective practitioners who are self-aware, intellectually curious, and dedicated to the improvement of practice through continuous professional growth. We aspire to model respect for diversity, critical thinking, and service to community.

Leadership & Professionalism: The School of Education is committed to developing leadership and professionalism. We serve the community and promote innovative advocacy through collaboration and a shared vision of success.

School of Arts & Sciences

The arts and sciences provide us with the fundamental purpose of education: to learn how to live well.  Courses in the arts and sciences may bring graduates high salaries, increased esteem, ultimate self-confidence, and sound values, but the most important result of an arts and sciences education is capacity-building within the individual to engage challenge, cope with uncertainty, and contribute to improving the human condition.  Study in the arts and sciences serves as a tool of curiosity, conscience, and community.

The School of Arts & Sciences builds a curriculum that addresses how to manage a complex world and to live effectively in it.  Educating for the future is problem-solving for critical, capacious public issues.  As the world's carrying capacity diminishes, its caring capacity is in greater demand, and no individual escapes the call for civic engagement.  Through interdisciplinary work in humanities, science, fine arts, technology, socio-political and moral inquiry, students prepare for a civic role that is as central to their individual success as it is to societal sustainability.

The School of Arts & Sciences opens the way to many paths of life.  Whatever the choice, teaching and learning in the arts and sciences enable the student to try the new and dare the different.  The innovative mind and creativity of an arts and sciences major form the highest recommendation for today's workplace.

Why Study Arts & Sciences at SNHU?

Whatever you're learning about -- from ancient Rome to modern-day Washington, D.C. -- we make sure you know how to integrate and connect what you're studying. We'll help you see the links --and make new ones.

We want you to challenge yourself -- and us. Want a good grade? Then write something provocative, go out on a limb, take yourself to the limit.

The Faculty

Our faculty will make every effort to help you learn. They make teaching their No. 1 priority. Our full- and part-time faculty members go the extra mile in everything they do. They are academically gifted, well-traveled and knowledgeable within their disciplines and across diverse fields of study.

The Curriculum

Get beyond the obvious and make meaningful connections among all kinds of disciplines in the School of Arts & Sciences. We offer a number of majors to help you go places, including advertising, communications, creative writing, environment, ethics & public policy, graphic design, history, political science and psychology, among many others.

The Future

Studying the arts and sciences will prepare you for a variety of careers. Graduates become communications specialists, journalists, artists, writers, historians, political scientists, lawyers, editors, psychologists, managers, CEOs and so much more.