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McIninch Art Gallery

SNHU McIninch Art Gallery Sculptor

Artist Aaron Stephan discusses his inspiration and thoughts on his sculpture, "Downpour," which resides outside Southern New Hampshire University's new Learning Commons.

The McIninch Art Gallery is closed for the 2020-21 academic year due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, the scheduled exhibition is being offered in a virtual format, as are museum education and programming through YouTube videos, webinars and podcasts.

STACEY ROBINSON, Herald of the Fifth Element, 2016


Stacey Robinson, Herald of the Fifth Element, 2016
22 x 16.8 inch, digital collage print on paper

Virtual tour created by The McIninch Art Gallery

On view January 18, 2021 - May 18, 2021

The McIninch Art Gallery at Southern New Hampshire University is proud to present the virtual exhibition of EMBODY. This exhibition originated at the Mandeville Gallery, Union College, from August 24, 2019, to January 19, 2020. Support for this virtual exhibition and its accompanying digital catalog comes from the Samuel P. Hunt Foundation.

“EMBODY features contemporary artists of diaspora applying collage methods, both conceptually, and in some cases, literally, as a technique to construct identity and/or selfhood within the mode of portraiture or figuration in the visual arts. Artists in the exhibition include Firelei Báez, Amir H. Fallah, Chitra Ganesh, Toyin Ojih Odutola, Simonette Quamina, Stacey Robinson, David Shrobe, Didier William, and Saya Woolfalk. Each artist practices a different approach to realizing identity through the representation of the body and creating a plurality of existences within the subject. These figures embody resistance, defying and challenging a one dimensional reading of who the figure might be or what they represent.

The way these figures are made can be seen as acts of opposition to stereotyping. They resist a narrow interpretation of the figures as constructs. Each image is built to give agency and range to the life of experience the subject has lived.” - Julie Lohnes, Director & Curator of Art Collections & Exhibitions, Mandeville Gallery, Union College, Schenectady, NY

EMBODY - Digital Catalog

EMBODY: Opposition to Stereotyping - Webinar Recording

Panel: Julie Lohnes, Director, and Curator of Exhibition, Mandeville Gallery, Union College; Debbie Disston, Director, The McIninch Art Gallery, SNHU; Stacey Robinson, EMBODY exhibiting artist, graphic designer, and novelist; Jonathan Wesley, Senior Director of Equity and Inclusion, SNHU

Udo Keppler,  L’tat C’est Moi, August 1904 Puck Magazine, Political Cartoon Print

A Dreadful Attack of Presidential Fever

Udo Keppler, L’tat C’est Moi, August 1904
Puck Magazine, Political Cartoon Print

Curated By Professor Deborah Varat

The show examines presidential election cartoons from the late 19th century as well as recent caricatures of American presidents by contemporary graphic artists. The popular imagery from 19th-century popular magazines, made at the high point of the cartoon as a form of mass visual communication, played an outsize role in electoral politics during the Gilded Age and beyond. Pairing these historical images with contemporary works, the exhibition suggests a level of public cynicism about presidential electoral politics over a long span of American history. On display in the weeks leading up to the 2020 presidential election, the exhibit will additionally provide for viewers a historical precedent of the power of media in shaping public opinion of presidents and presidential candidates.

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Nicole Eisenman, Bar, 2012 30.8” x 23.9”,  Nine Color Lithograph Published by Jungle Press Editions, New York

Nicole Eisenman: Prints

Nicole Eisenman, Bar, 2012
30.8” x 23.9”, Nine Color Lithograph
Published by Jungle Press Editions, New York

September 13 through December 21, 2021

Eisenman evokes wit and sentiment to the human condition as a way to dissolve prejudices of individuals who identify in any number of ways. The artist’s figures are part of a welcoming collective community. Eisenman’s deft knowledge of historical genres and symbols allows the artist to weave a powerful thread throughout the various mediums. Created with the help of master printer Andrew Mockler of Jungle Press, Brooklyn, NY, this body of work illustrates scenes of murky bars, and late-night diners, sexual encounters, and spiritual gatherings.

Nicole Eisenman Man Holding his Shadow

Nicole Eisenman, Man Holding his Shadow, 2011
two color lithograph, Edition of 25
Published by the Jungle Press Editions, New York

Nicole Eisenman Prints: In Conversation with Andrew Mockler, Master Printer, Jungle Press, NYC

Watch the webinar recording a master printer Andrew Mockler (Jungle Press, NYC), Professor Vanessa Rocco (Professor of Art History, Southern New Hampshire University) and McIninch Art Gallery Director Deborah Disston engage in conversation on the prints by artist Nicole Eisenman, as well as explore the process of printmaking and the field of contemporary art.

McIninch At Home Videos: Nicole Eisenman Prints

Matt Brackett Bitter Chill

The McIninch Art Gallery: Recent Acquisitions

Matt Brackett, Bitter Chill (Truth crushed to the earth shall rise again. – William Cullen Bryant, 1893), 2019
16.4” x 21.4”, Oil and Linen Mounted on panel
Hand lettered ink on frame

The McIninch Art Gallery presents our Recent Acquisitions Exhibition, displaying newly acquired works to our permanent collection. The works range over a variety of themes and mediums, from the politically charged prints of Enrique Chagoya, to the intricately hand cut works of Nikki Rosato.

McIninch At Home Videos

William Kentridge Damned Squares of this Shameless City, 2010

Selections from the McIninch: Academic and Research Show

William Kentridge, Damned Squares of this Shameless City, 2010
14” x 15”, Single color lithograph with chine colle

Art is the ultimate medium of expression; An artist has the freedom to create art that may span a multitude of subjects and ideas. It can mirror the artist's psyche, provide insight into relationships between the artist and their environment, reflect modern society, or pass judgment in the form of social commentary. An artist creates work that can soothe or incite a viewer's emotion. They can tell us to look closer, to delve deeper, and reflect inward. Selections from the McIninch display varying topics in works of art from the McIninch Art Gallery Collection. The works selected for this show explore the multitude of ways that artists express their opinions. The aim of this exhibition is for the viewer to explore and make connections though slow looking, uncovering the complexity of the artworks through prolonged observation.

Selections from the McIninch: Academic and Research Show - Virtual gallery

Raul Gonzalez III EL Jardin

Selections from the McIninch Art Collection

Raul Gonzalez III, El Jardin, 2016
Mixed Media on paper

September 13 though October 30, 2021

Selections from the McIninch display varying topics in works of art from the McIninch Art Gallery's Collection. The works selected for this show explore the multitude of ways that artists express their opinions on cultures, social issues, and identity. Throughout history, art has been used as a tool for social activism; as a form of documentation, of opinionated points of view, or bringing to light different perspectives. Artists utilize a variety of mediums to convey their fears and anxiety, as well as their hopes and aspirations.

Game Design and Development: Production Workflows­

October 30 through December 21, 2021­

This exhibition represents a selection of the best work in the game design, game art and game development programs and examines the process and production skills employed to create the final product. Sketches, programming scripts and 3-D modeling are just some of the few elements of the production process before the viewer experiencing the final interactive experience of the game.

The presented student work showcases workflows used by Inkwell Interactive SNHU’s on campus game design and development studio. We are excited to give you a glimpse into our world.