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Recognized vs. Unrecognized Organizations

Recognized Organizations & Clubs

At Southern New Hampshire University, clubs and organizations must go through a process in order to be recognized.

SNHU is a governed community with its ultimate authority residing in its Board of Trustees, delegated authority resting with the president and through them, the various administrative officers and recognized campus bodies. Each person and bodies share, to an appropriate degree, in the role of guardians of the integrity and good name of SNHU. For this reason, the process of recognizing, supporting and fostering student organizations is a shared responsibility.

SNHU recognizes the potential of and the right to the existence of student clubs and organizations, which are in harmony with the missions, goals and objectives of the university. To these various student groups, SNHU lends its name, support and resources. SNHU, exercising its rights and responsibilities, affirms such groups as legitimate and productive members of the community.

Unrecognized Organizations & Clubs

SNHU reserves its rights to deny or withdraw recognition from any group deemed not to be in concert with the goals and objectives of the university.

A group that is unrecognized could have this status due to one of the following situations:

  • The group has never sought SNHU recognition
  • The group sought SNHU recognition and was denied
  • The group was recognized at one point in time by SNHU and was either voluntarily unrecognized or unrecognized by the university for a variety of potential reasons, included, but not limited to, conduct issues and/or hazing

The safety of our students is everyone’s top priority and SNHU highly discourages students from affiliating with unrecognized groups. If students choose to join an unrecognized group, they are putting themselves at risk for academic failure and/or to be in a dangerous situation for their health and well-being.

If you are concerned about hazing or any other dangerous club activity, contact the Office of Student Involvement.

Organization & Club Status

All recognized organizations are listed on my.SNHU. If you have confusion or doubt about an organization’s status, reach out to the Office of Student Involvement at Questions about starting a new organization can also be directed there.