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Getting Involved

Your University Experience Beyond the Classroom

Learning takes place both in and out of class. Find out how some of our students got involved at SNHU.

To gain the fullest of university experiences and make a successful transition to life here in the US, we encourage you to get actively involved in our student organizations, university programs, sporting events and off campus trips. There are lots on offer so make sure to:

  • Get Involved - Every week SNHU has a variety of events taking place on campus. Check out the Master Calendar and posters around campus to find out about music concerts, guest speakers, special events which include the International Education week in November, International Gala in spring and of course our Wednesday Bingo evenings.
  • Connect - There are over 60 student organizations here at SNHU which brings together students with interests around culture, the environment, sports, fashion. Attend the Student Involvement Fair in September and January to learn about ways to be involved. Also connect with the International Student Association - it's a great way to connect with international and American friends.
  • Get Fit - SNHU has great Sports Facilities and opportunities to play on our Intramural Teams.
  • Volunteer - Volunteering with the Community Engaged Learning program is a wonderful way to meet people at SNHU and within the larger Manchester area. It's also a great way to improve your language skills and enhance your SNHU Experience... plus it is a great way to build skills for your resume.
  • Communicate - Having strong communication skills are essential for your transition to and time at SNHU. Our Conversational English Tutors provide opportunities to develop your language skills through informal meetings. Visit the Learning Center to find out more.
  • Share - Our Conversations partners and Thanksgiving Hosts programs are great ways to meet members of the local community, share your experiences and learn from each other.
  • Explore Manchester and New Hampshire - the area offers a lot of opportunities, so take time to explore. Also don't forget to check out for a listing of trips, concert, comedy nights, & our spring International Gala tickets.