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Amber Pollard

BS Fashion Merchandising Management

"Southern New Hampshire University is my key to success."

My favorite quote is: “We were all born to lose, but you have to build yourself up to win!" I started out being this lost girl with no direction, homeless, without a father and a mother that could barely make ends meet. Throughout my life, I always felt like I would never have anything because I was born without a single thing! I would observe those around me trying to figure out why my life was so unfair. I became 19 and pregnant, which soon turned into me becoming a single mother to an amazing and beautiful little girl Amiya!

After high school ended, I had no sense of direction, clearly no idea what I wanted to do, and no hope on how I would even reach any point! One day, I got so tired of waiting, wanting to receive an idea or sign, and began to search online. Over a day’s work of researching, I came across Southern New Hampshire University. It then occurred to me, “How could I even afford school? Hey! Worth a try, right?” Over the course of a few weeks of stressing, worrying and anticipating, I was enrolled into online classes to obtain a bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising/retail!

Excited, overwhelmed, and in such joy, I must admit it was one of the proudest and joyful times of my life. Showing my daughter that no matter what you go through or where you come from, you can make it! Through every obstacle, there can be an amazing outcome if you just “push.” If this world sets it up where you can't, show the world you can! She is my motivation and Southern New Hampshire University is my key to success. For the other schools that did not give me an opportunity, I'm proud to say this one did! I went from being alone, homeless, and lost to a great single mom striving to crack into the fashion industry — with the hopes and dreams to be an amazing model, fashion designer and creating my own clothing line. My life was hard in the beginning, but I’ve erased all that, and this is a blank canvas — my success is just beginning.

Thank you to everyone at Southern New Hampshire University for providing people with amazing opportunities! I thank all my teachers for their kindness and helping me learn from their classes. Lastly, I would like to thank my advisor, Christine Nesheim, for sticking with me through every issue and problem and helping me to resolve them.