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Amy Guildoo

MA English, Class of 2015

"The online program allows for a myriad of opportunities to achieve my goals and seek guidance when necessary."

My story is not one of any significant epiphanies or remarkable events. I teach high school English, coach at the varsity level, operate as the head of an entire athletic program for my school district and serve as a member on a multitude of committees for my school. Additionally, I do my best to parent a soon-to-be high school senior and three stepchildren, as well as maintain a spotless home, a happy spouse and love for my three four-legged friends! My days consist of grading papers and collaborating with my co-teacher, aligning new common core curriculum standards and student learning objectives, experimenting with a flipped-classroom, maintaining my teacher Web page, answering parent e-mails, attending IEP/504 meetings and listening to professional development workshops. However, amidst all of this, I manage to incorporate dedicated time to accomplish the necessary requirements to fulfill my pursuit of an MA in English through SNHU’s online program. My life is not an anomaly: it is simply overrun with tasks and people to please. There have been times when I’ve had the obligatory ‘meltdown’ and questioned why I forge ahead without being allotted more time in the day. I believe it is in those moments of inquiry when I reflect on this phase in my life and continue to thrive on my pedagogy that learning is a life-long journey. The infectious adoration for content and instruction exemplified by my professors at SNHU allow for a divergent, yet productive learning environment. The online program allows for a myriad of opportunity to achieve my goals and seek guidance when necessary. Too, as a naturally born pessimist with little confidence, the wisdom imparted on me has illuminated a path toward confidence as a writer, a researcher and a more astute reader. My father left this world before I could complete my first master’s degree, but I know that up ‘there’ somewhere matched me with SNHU as the unspoiled beacon of light beckoning me from afar.